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Honeymoon PIP!

We choose a 9 day trip to Disney for our HM and it was def the best HM for us! We had so much fun running around the parks, riding rides, and eating. We ate a ton too since we are on the dining plan there and all our meals were included.

It stayed warm for all 9 days and didnt rain once which was great! It was WARM though and since fall is my favorite time of year I was def ready to get back to the cooler weather and our dog :). I think if we were to go again about a 6 day trip would be a good time - 9 days did get a bit long towards the end, but the first 6 were fantastic!

Enough of me blabbing - here are pics!
(More in my married bio too under HM Pics if you want to see more)

On the bus on the way to Magic Kingdom...note the t-shirts :)

The castle pic!

Ready to ride Soarin' the new ride at Epcot (had to fit in a quick ride before breakfast)

Waiting in line for our princess breakfast at Epcot

The Indiana Jones show at Hollywood Studios - love this show. This show is one of the few memories I had from going with my fam when I was little.

Ready to ride the Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios. SO much fun! It was good we had a fast pass for this one too as the wait for it was always long - we saw a 2 hour line at one point.

Safari Mickey in Animal Kingdom

Hanging with the elephants

Chef Goofy...and our second set of HM t-shirts :)

T-I-double Guh-ER

It was a really fun trip and they had these buttons for us that you see in all the pics that said Just Married so it was fun to get Congrats wherever we went. It made the trip really special!

Re: Honeymoon PIP!

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    Super cute Danielle! Looks like you had a blast!
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    So cute! Looks like you two had a great time! 
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    You guys look so adorable! Looks like so much fun...makes me want to take another Disney trip!
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    It looks like you had a lot of fun! Congratulations!
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    I can't believe they still have the Indiana Jones show too!  That and Small World are the ones I remember best. :)
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    Lookin' good in the custom shirts!
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    Love the pics!! Looks like you had an amazing time!
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    Fun times! You guys are eye-rolling adorable (in a good way!!!). Now I want to go back to Disney World!
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    Aw sooooo cute! Fi's never been to Disney so these pics make me want to take him super bad!
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