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Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip!

My FI and I have decided to take a roadtrip down Interstate 101 for our honeymoon in July. We'll be heading down the Oregon coast and come to stop in Monterey, California. We're thinking that we'll stretch this out into a four or five night trip, maybe longer if we decide that we like a particular place. Besides the usual big-city stops, does anyone have any suggestions for great places we should be sure to visit?

Re: Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip!

  • I should mention that the four/five night trip will be on our way down, then we'll spend a couple more nights in Monterey, then on the drive up we'll be stoping in the Sacramento area for a second reception that part of my family is throwing for us. They're so sweet...many of them are too old to come up for the wedding, but said that they'd love to throw us a second reception if we came down to their neck of the woods. :)
  • One of my favorite places in that area is Point Reyes National Seashore & the Point Reyes Seashore Lodge.  Beautiful place!  Google it & see if its your style :)

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  • I'm also considering the coastal drive as part of our honeymoon - only we're from Massachusetts so flying into San Fransisco and possibly driving down the California coast.  Thinking there's a ton to do just in SF alone - but really could use any northern CA advise!

  • My mom and I took this trip a couple years ago, and it's one of my favorite ever.  It will be a lovely honeymoon!  We did this:

    We started in Napa (two days), went to San Francisco (three days), drove to Carmel/Monterey (1 day), then down to Big Sur, which we combined with a day trip to San Simeon/Hearst Castle (three days).  We spent one night back in San Francisco at the end of the trip.

    I would highly, highly recommend that you visit Big Sur and also Hearst Castle- they were my favorite parts of the trip.  The 17-mile drive at Pebble Beach is beautiful.  Santa Monica, about an hour and a half south of SF, is cute if the weather is nice- there's a big old boardwalk and amusement park there.

    For recommendations in and around SF, I would suggest that you check out Ms.Blake's bio and blog- she's on the Travel board on the Nest.

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  • Thank you so much for your input!! I can't wait to look all of those things up ^.^
  • I think LaFemmeRusse means Santa Cruz, not Santa Monica. You could also look into Mendocino, in Northern CA. I've never been, but it's supposed to be gorgeous.

    In Monterey definitely go to the aquarium - it's truly an amazing place.
  • I lived in Monterey for two years, and it's a perfect place to vacation/honeymoon.  Make sure you take the time to explore Carmel (very nearby) which always seemed like a storybook town to me, complete with a gorgeous beach.  Further south on Highway 1 is Big Sur, and like someone else said...not to be missed!  Take your time and enjoy the scenery.  There are some fun dining options in Big Sur, my favorite was always Nepenthe.  They have awesome views and fire pits, couches, and good food.  In Monterey, there are several areas that are fun to check out/explore, including Cannery Row, old town area (downtown) & Fisherman's Wharf, and Pacific Grove.  Each has its own feel to it.  There's a walking/biking trail that starts in Pacific Grove and goes all the way through Cannery Row, to Fisherman's Wharf, and keeps going to Sand City, etc.  It's fun to bike, but can get crowded too.  Enjoy your vacation!
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