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Farm wedding cake topper?

We are having the wedding at the farm we live on and i want to do a farm themed cake! I cant find any good ideas for a cake topper or anywhere online for a decent price, with like a farmer and his wife figurines. All i have found so far are cow salt and pepper shakers! Any sites or ideas where i could find anything?

Re: Farm wedding cake topper?

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    What about using a John Deere tractor?  One of those little ones?   Model farm equipment, try a tractor dealer they might have miniture tractors, bailers, combines etc.
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    You could try googling farmer and wife figurines.  You could browse the individual webpages or look at the shopping tab.   I also looked up country wedding cake toppers and found great results with the same google shopping method.

    I don't know if you are particularly into the country scene, but this is kind of cute.
    Western Wedding Cake Topper (clickable)

    I would post more links, but I figure if you do the searches I suggested, you will be able to tell if things fit your tastes.
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    Thank you so much guys! I ended up getting the one from "wedding favors unlimited" ! Its perfect!  The bottom layer of our cake will have john deere tractors the middle layer will have cows and the top layer will have the farmer and wife dancing cake topper!
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