Too hot in the Ritz's Garden Pavilion in July?

I am planning on having an evening wedding reception, and would like to reserve the Garden Pavilion at Ritz Charles, however no dates are available in June (my preferred date). I know when I was there it was quite hot inside, but all the doors were closed and had been all day, and no fans were on. With all the doors open and the fans on, I wonder how hot it would be in July? Does anyone have any first hand experience being in the Garden Pavilion at an evening summer reception? My reception would start about 5 or 6 and go to 11pm or so. 

My backup choices are the Montage and inside the Ritz Charles. Any firsthand experience on those is welcome as well. I haven't seen many reviews of the Montage on here. I love it, it's just more expensive.
Thanks ladies :)

Re: Too hot in the Ritz's Garden Pavilion in July?

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    Personally, I think so.  I haven't attended a wedding there in July...but a good friend did and she said it was just miserable.  Even in the evening, the temperatures are up in the high 70s/low 80s.  People don't dance, because they don't want to move.

    We're having our wedding in September and we opted for inside of the Ritz because we have some elderly guests and don't want them to over heat.  The Ritz really needs to pump some AC into that greenhouse!
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    I just found out that June 2 opened up, so I was really excited until I read your post, Tara. Now I am worried! I love the location and want an outdoor feel, but don't want the makeup melting off my face or grandparents going into heat stroke! Dilemma!

    MIlkduds- I know the RItz is awesome. I have no doubt the service will be great if that's how I choose to go. 

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    I actually went to a reception last year in the beginning June in the Garden Pavilion. It was a little rainy, humid and pretty uncomfortable. They opened the doors to circulate air which lead to frizzy hair and a lot of sweaty people. Oh, and the bathroom is in a different buildling. So each time the bride needed to use the bathroom she had to walk in the rain and have an entourage hold her dress. I would go with no.. :(
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