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Drinks, Drinks and more Drinks...

FI and I are having a full open bar, and "doing it ourselves" so we will need to gage how much liquor we will need for the night. I am really not worried about beer because we are going to have kegs for that. A friend of the family owns a bar, so they are ordering the liquor for us at a discounted rate. We are expecting around 275 guests (although we invited more)

How many 5ths do you think we will need?

And if someone could help me with deciding what types of liquor to use, that would be awesome!!


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Re: Drinks, Drinks and more Drinks...

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    Do you know for sure that his discounted rate is a better price than you would pay at a store?  Just checking because I know in NY the bars have to pay a lot more for their alcohol than you pay in the stores. 

    I would definitely get vodka, rum, gin, whiskey at the very least.  Tequila if you will have shots or someone willing to make margaritas.  You could get some flavored vodkas or rums if you wanted, like Malibu or a cherry vodka or something.  It just depends on how many different types of drinks you want to be available.  I think the most basic bar would be the vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, then all different types of soda for mixers, inluding tonic and club soda. 

    As for how much, I wouldn't even be able to begin to guess.  I would imagine you could get away with the least amount of gin.  If I'm drinking all night I could easily drink half a bottle myself.  But it depends on how much your guests drink.  Are you allowed to return alcohol in Michigan?  I know you can in some states, so you can always just buy a ton and count on returning whatever you don't use.  I've only know one person who was able to buy their own liquor for the wedding, and that was in Florida, and they returned all the unused bottles.

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    As usual, Real Simple has a great tool to figure this out!


    See if that helps, it should give you a better idea! It even tells you what type of liquor and how many bottles of wine, etc.

    I'm supplying all our alcohol for our reception and to keep it simple I'm doing kegs and wine. Good luck!
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