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Looking for a carribean honeymoon, Please, some advice?

Hi All!!  Congrats to all the engaged ladies out there, and I hope everyone is having lots of luck with wedding planning!

I'm writing to ask you opinion on where to stay in the carribean, it will be in Sept (yes hurricane season :-\)  I do want somewhere that is all-inclusive, I have looked deeply into Sandals (specifically the Regency st. lucia and Montego Bay).  I've read alot that suggests Sandals REALLY over charges, so I would like anyone's opinion on where else to stay or on your experiences with Sandals?

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Looking for a carribean honeymoon, Please, some advice?

  • Check out Secrets all inclusive I hear they are sandals compitition.  We are looking at going to the new sandals in the Exuma Islands at the end of Oct. Everything there is 65% off with pretty decent  flights.  It is called Sandals at Emerald Bay.  We are going though an all about honeymoons travel agent.  No extra cost to use them. I would suggest you check them out.  She has been SOOO helpful to us in our quest.  Good luck!
  • tell me more about the Exuma island one?  I just can't decide between breezes, couples, sandals and secrets... too many choices and noone to give advice on them!
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  • We just booked ours to Sandals Grande St. Lucia, but my dad is an airline employee and we got a discount.  Everything we checked out was pretty expensive, Sandals or not and we figure it the only time we will get to travel like this so we went for it and got an amazing deal!  All the people I talked to recommended St. Lucia.
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  • We booked Couples Swept Away, for 9 nights, all inclusive including several excursions (different depending on which Couples you book), complimentary honeymoon package, flight, we thought it was really reasonably priced. Check out their message boards on their website for lots of great questions and answers from people who have stayed. We checked out Sandals but it was way over priced, I've known people who went to Secrets and loved it. I'm sure whatever you pick will be great, Good luck!!

  • Whatever you do, DON'T pick Sandals Montego Bay.  I think you'll be disappointed if you choose there - especially for your honeymoon.  The resort is small and cramped and a bit run down.  And it's literally right at the end of the airport runway.

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    Here is my family's site to their Sandals trip to Negril, they loved it!!!

  • Thanks everyone for your responses!!  We've recently started to look at El Dorado Royale? Any thoughts on that?

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  • Sandals Grande in St. Lucia was awesome, Sandals Negril in Jamaica was ok. Stay away from MoBay in Jamica you will be dissapointed.

    Here's the link to our review of Sandals Grande in St. Lucia

    Here's the link for St. Lucia Day one from our photo galleries. From there you can navigate around our website and see the rest of the days from St. Lucia as well as get to our pics from Jamaica.
    Our Website

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  • I suggest you stay away from all Sandals. They are all a rip off.

    look into Caneel Bay on St. John or the Westing.
    If you like St. Lucia look into Ti Kaye or Stonefield Villas
    Not a big fan of Jamaica but Couple Negril is awesome. Any of the secret resorts are very good as well.
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  • Magsugar- If Sandals weren't having the sale they're having now, iw ouldn't be booking the room we're getting is over 65% off and makes it the same price or less than many others in the area.
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  • I love Royal Carribean cruises... you get to see a couple of different places and the service has been great everytime we use them!
  • The reason we didn't choose a cruise is A- alcohol bill, we do like to drink when on vaca. and we'd be crusising during peak hurricane season... not the best idea
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  • OP - Sandals ALWAYS has that "65% off" sale.  It's not anything special.  Even with the 65% off it's still not worth it.  Trust me.  We've been disappointed by Sandals stays more than once, and one of them was a free trip...

  • We are doing sandals royal bahamian because we wanted an all inclusive but its close to Atlantis so we can spend time there at the water park, casino, golf etc.

    I do agree that sandals is always having big sales, but in the end our 7 night trip there with aifare was the same price range that most people pay so I'm happy.

    And hurriacanes hit mainland US much more frequently than anyplace that you'd honeymoon so no worries- just buy travel insurance!
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_honeymoon_looking-carribean-honeymoon-please-advice?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:11Discussion:2b6d5a79-8b33-41f8-8d12-0942c9e2fa78Post:49300acb-18dd-44a2-b7a2-7cfd7a260bcd">Re: Looking for a carribean honeymoon, Please, some advice?</a>:
    [QUOTE]The reason we didn't choose a cruise is A- alcohol bill, we do like to drink when on vaca. and we'd be crusising during peak hurricane season... not the best idea
    Posted by VUNCare[/QUOTE]

    Actually being on a cruise during hurricane season is better than at a resort because the ship will change it's course to avoid bad weather. You may end up seeing different islands that weren't on your original itinerary but I'd rather see an island that wasn't part of the plan than being stuck at a resort during a big storm where you have no choice but to wait it out. Just get trip insurance to play it safe all around no matter where you choose to go. HTH!
  • I never had that thought about the cruise but it make sense!  I just deposited on Sandals!  I'm pretty psyched!

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