Wedding Woes

Biotent? What was it?

All you fertile Myrtles have made me forget what we used to call the No Baby No Baby No Baby tent that had catering and pool boys.

Make a new one to stick your kids in to save them from boy and girlfriends, eh?  :)

Re: Biotent? What was it?

  • Just remembered:

    Bio Dome!
  • ::pokes holes in biodome::

    Come on out, Varuna.  We have saltines, bottled water, and yoga pants! 
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  • Yeah, no.  :)
  • *standing with V*
  • I'd poke holes in thebiodome.

    I'd consider poking holes in  condoms if we were using condoms :-P

    (I think the only way my marriage will peacably endure getting PG is to have an 'oops'.  IUDs don't leave a lot of room for 'oops'.
    But I don't think my marrige/parenting/sanity will allow me to go back of migraine meds to 'try' for a few years again.  So, Buffy needs to pray for a sibling if she wants one :-P)
  • You guys who want to have fun out there, go ahead.  I fully support you and love all of your children with all of my possiblity of child loving self.

    I simply have zilch desire for any of my own.  I had it for like....5 months of my life and then woke up to reality and took back my mind.  Good thing it was before I was knocked up.

    So, leave my BioDome alone!!!!

    *shares deli meat and gluten products with 6*
  • *asking the pool boy for a virgin mangorita* 
    what? I'm on way too many meds to have alcohol right now. :-)
  • Yes, you can pass out in the BioDome, but no *passing out in need of medical attention*, please.  :D
  • Woohoo deli meat with V!  There's a bottle of Chivas that's slowly getting empty.
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