What is everyone being for Halloween?

Need ideas! Just got invited to a party on Saturday!

Re: What is everyone being for Halloween?

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    ooo  I'm being Peg Bundy and DH is Al Bundy... I have red hair now so it works PERFECT

    Last year I had dark brown hair and I was Flo from the Progressive commercials...both DIY costumes and big hits!
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    Snookie!!! LOL Wooot woot!
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    FI will be Wayne, and I'll be Garth, super comfy and cheap!

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    He's being a Devil and I'm being an Angel - I love how we've managed to coordinate our costumes the last few years we've been living together and going to parties (2008 - Mad Scientist & Escaped Mental Patient, 2009 Alice from Resident Evil and a Zombie)
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    DH and I are Mario and Luigi

  • Whippet8Whippet8 member
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    we're doing thing 1 and thing 2 from Dr. sweats and blue hair spray..nice and easy!
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    I'm going to be a penguin (first time I've ever bought a costume) and DH is super sperm. Yes, has muscles and everything.
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    I am being the pink power ranger and he is the red ranger!
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    im being a basket full of laundry!
  • jandr3jandr3 member
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    I'm going to be a deviled egg and FI made a dragon tail so that he'll be "dragon-ass" all night long :)
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    hahaha I love these costumes! FI and I already went to a Halloween party. We were both kind of boring but saw some great ones!
    The Southern Belle and Civil War guy won best couple- they both had their face painted kind of ghostly.

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    Lady GaGa......unless I chicken out!!

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