Looking for info on tuxedos!

Hey ladies - I need to start looking for tuxedos for my groom and his fellas.  I have no idea about prices/quality around here.  There will be the groom plus 3 groomsmen & a ring bearer.  Can anyone tell me which are the more affordable places?  Thanks!

Re: Looking for info on tuxedos!

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    We got ours at Folchi's Formalwear in west chester. They also have one in kenwood. It came with everything (including shoes). Hubby was in a wedding and they used a place where you had to pay extra for shoes. I think the rentals were $120 roughly and with 5 rentals (i think) groom got his for free. Plus with a saturay wedding, were able to pick up thursday before and return by the following monday. Also they had great service and best place we found.

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    I will second Folchi's - I have used them for our wedding, and we use them for regular events and love them. They have plenty of locations and choices. They have the warehouse in kenwood, so if something doesnt fit exactly right, they wont let you leave until its fixed. So great.
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    Tritto Folchis - they were great.

    So great that when we told them that H already owned a tux so wouldn't need to rent one, they let us use the rent five get one free deal to give either (a) one of his groomsmen a free tux (we chose to do this because one of the GM was a poverty-stricken grad student), OR (b) discount ALL of the GM tuxes by the cost of a tux.  Pretty nifty.

    Also, when aforementioned poverty-stricken grad student lied to H and I about having been professionally measured, and discovered once he got to Cincinnati from Long Island that his tux pants were WAY (as in 8") too short, Folchi's was able to replace them immediately because of the on-site warehouse.

    Very, very nifty.
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    Ditto all the previous posters.  Folchi's definitely!!


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    We are using Skeffington's.  They have been great.  I believe our tuxes are $160 per person.  And we received 2 free rentals, that my FI and FOB are using.  They have a number of locations around down. 

    I have been in 3 weddings that all used Men's Warehouse, and there was a problem with all 3.  They sent 1 wrong color vest, so there was 1 groomsmen that didn't match the rest.  They had the wrong style of tux for just 1 of the fathers in another.  And the 3 they didn't send shoes for the ring bear.  So I would avoid them if at all possible.  GL!
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    I highly recommend Peppe Ramundo - he is the sweetest man in the world. the choices range from $100-$200 depending on what you are looking for. My fiance's tux was free, and I think the tuxes for the dad's were free too. And the best part is that he has his entire stock in the building. so if something is the wrong size or something else is wrong he can just go up stairs and get a new one. (some companies have their tuxes shipped in from a central location, so if something is wrong when you pick them up you are stuck with it - my cousin ordered theirs from skeffingtons and ended up with tails instead of regular jackets - it wasnt a huge deal, but they did have to wear those instead - just something to consider.)
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    FOLCHI'S, FOLCHI'S, FOLCHI's!!! We went to Folchi's in Kenwood and dealt w/ Mark...he's a great guy and will find you whatever you need!  We got our tux's for only $90/guy and FI's was free also! I don't think you could beat their prices or customer service!
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    ditto peppe ramundo's. we had a fab experience with them and i loved that we supported a local business.
    our GM's wore calvin klein tux's that cost them only $90 each, and the RB's were $45. my DH's was also free. we had 9 out of our 11 guys who were oot and had absolutely no problems ordering them whatsoever. all of their tuxs are stored on site and alterations done there as well, so that is also nice if something needs to be fixed at the last minute. i definitely recommend them. sometimes you can also find coupons on their website.

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    We choose Peppe Ramundo. They recently won Best Tuxedo award! Congrats to them. Peppe is wonderful!
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    We used Peppe Ramundo.... He has a fabulous business!  The day before the wedding all the tuxes were ready when the guys arrived, every tux fit, and they guys were out of there in 20 mins!!!!!!  Amazing service!
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    Thanks for all the great recs!  I will definitely look into Folchis & Peppe!
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