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What do you all think of Boudoir Photos - I hadn't really given it much thought until there was a great deal on livingsocial and I thought "why not" - I'll have the picture (or pictures) delivered to my husband-to-be the day of our ceremony as a nice surprise.


Re: Boudoir Photos

  • I'm personally not a fan because my cousin went through a horrible ordeal.  She had boudoir photos taken, thinking they would stay private, and she came across them in a magazine.  To say she was mortified is an understatement. So, if you do decide to do them make sure you sign a contract with your photographer and talk to them about the copyrights.  Make sure everyone involved knows whats what.  This also applies if you have a friend take the pictures using their photography equipment - unless there is a prearranged agreement to privacy and discreation (it can be verbal but it's better to get it in writing), the photo taker can show them to people and even sell them without your permission.

    That being said...there are plenty of types of boudoir photography.  You could wear lingerie, be nude and use creatively placed props, wear nothing but your FI's favourite sports jersey, etc...

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    Thanks for advice about rights to pictures

    +++They will not be nude+++
  • I think it's a sweet idea, if you have the time, the confidence and the money.  I never did them because I couldn't really imagine having that book sitting around somewhere, but I've heard it can be very empowering to do the photo shoot (esp. if it's tastefully done).

    Personally, I wouldn't think the day of the ceremony is the best time to give the pictures to him, though.  Where will he be looking at them?  Will he have time alone?  That day is already going to be busy and important - I love the idea of giving him a note to read before the ceremony, but I'd keep the pictures either for the day before or, even better, for the honeymoon.  It just seems out of place for him to be looking at pictures like that just before taking your vows - but that is just my opinion, take it or leave it!
  • I'm not a fan of them personally.  I would be concerned if god forbid, anything happened, and the people divorced, and then the photos were used as black mail or something.  I wouldn't want photos of myself in lingerie out for the world to see.  
  • I did them and wouldn't change that for a second.  None of them were nude, just some sexy lingerie and some in H's Vikings jersey.  I gave the album to him the night before the wedding, he absolutely loved them.  He actually cried as he was flipping through the book because he thought it was so sweet that I had done that for him.

    And ditto Dannie, it was definitely empowering.  It really was a huge confidence booster.
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  • Not for me.  I also don't like trash the dress sessions, maternity photos, or newborn photoshoots where the baby is in just a hat or something. 
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    I actually just decided to do them! The photographer is a friend of a friend who does amazing work! My friend and I are going to make a day out of it! We're going in the morning to get my hair and make-up done. It will be the same girl that is doing my wedding makeup so we're going to test run that and then amp it up for the pics. I was nervous about it at first but now I'm very excited! I think it will be a lot of fun! No naked ones, but still awesome! Like a PP said, one will be in FI's Hawks jersey and maybe some with his Army uniform. FI is going to be gone for the two weeks before our wedding for training. He will be home the day before the wedding, hopefully before our rehearsal, but no promises. My plan right now is to stick the pictures in his bag before he leaves for the two weeks so he can find them while he's gone!
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  • I'm doing them in about a month! The theme is pin up girl/40s-50s, and will not be nude or even in super skimpy stuff. Certainly not going on FB, but nothing I'd be too ashamed about either. 
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  • I think it's a good idea. I would make sur that the photos stay between you, your hubby-to-be, and the photographer. But I say go for it! I want to do that, to for my hubby-to-be, but I would have to find out if our photographer for our wedding do those types as well. Go for it and have fun!!!! Good Luck!! =)
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  • Have you ever mentioned boudoir photos to your FI at all?

    I was considering doing them, but was advised to "test the waters" to make sure that FI would even like/want I told him that "the girls" on TK were talking about boudoir photos, I explained how it worked, and that he'd be given a book of photos of me in sexy lingerie....he looked at me like, why would I want that when I have you, in person to see, touch etc.

    I then asked if he'd rather me just buy some sexy lingerie and model it for him, and he got a HUGE grin on his face...thats how I decided that boudoir photos weren't for us.
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  • I think if people are comfortable with them than go for it. Like others have said, I wouldn't do any that I would be completely embarrassed by. I plan on doing them.
    My favorites are ones that don't show a lot of skin, but show a confident woman having some fun
  • I think its a great idea. I take "sexy" pictures for my FI now with my camera. I cant wait to have a pro do them.

    On another note I am kind of shocked with the amount of people saying dont do it he could black mail you. You are marrying the man! Shouldnt there be 100% trust between you two? If you cant trust him with a risky photo of you what can you trust him with? Yikes!
  • I did them and H loved them. It was also a lot of fun and a confidence booster for me. I have the CD of all the pictures. I knew the photographer from doing other shoots with her so I was comfortable during the shoot. 
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Boudoir Photos : That's funny. <strong> My favorite ones appear on websites such as submityourex.</strong>
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    I'm sure there are some interesting ones on there
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    [QUOTE]To be fair, I don't think they were meant to be boudoir photos.
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    That's what I was thinking...
  • I saw that deal on Living Social as well, and am debating it. I have taken some of my own "sexy" photos for FI, but think it would be nice to have some that are professionally done.
  • I have wanted to do these but there is one small factor that makes me absolutely NOT want to do them....MY PHOTOGRAPHER IS MY UNCLE!!! I refuse to have him see me that way, but if I could find a friend to help me out, I might consider them...
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