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Good Morning!


Re: Good Morning!

  • Thanks Serena. I want to try this- click me!
  • That looks really really good. The one I made was from Yahoo's 7 simple dinners. It had tomato, avocado, red onion, feta cheese and spinach.
  • Ooh, that sounds yummy too!
  • Alrighty, I'm off work. I will chat with you all next Tuesday once I'm back in the office. Take care, and have a great rest of your week!
  • Good evening!

    I spent the day cleaning the house and working on The Infantry's room.  My cousin came over with her littlest one to check the place out and meet the kids since she's going to nanny for us twice a week.  Then tomorrow, my parents are coming over to watch the kids so I can get some crap done around the house before I go back to work, so I mostly cleaned for them.  There's regular clean, and then there's "mom clean."  I'm making a massive dump at Goodwill tomorrow come hell or high water.  I'm determined to do a proper spring purge of all my stuff.  Nobody needs a closetfull, cedar chestfull, anther smaller closetfull, and probably 8 more boxes worth of clothes.  I only wear about 20% of the clothes I have.  Then there's my bookshelf in the office overflowing with books I mostly haven't read yet.  I'm selling off the ones that have been read that aren't signed or collectable so maybe I'll have some room on it.
  • Way to go, Cake!! You are motivating me to finally tear up our closet and get uncluttered. Hope you're able to get everything finished in time.



    "...And he just came out of my imaginary birthday cake." -its apelila

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