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December 2010 Weddings

Grampa update

My grampa had a triple bypass this morning, and was in the recovery room by 3. He'll have a couple of weeks where he needs to recover. Unfortunately, that cuts into the time I have with my dad, as he'll be getting up here on Tuesday and they'll be leaving sometime before Friday. *sigh* Oh well.
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Re: Grampa update

  • Hang in there!! And never ever take what little time we're allowed with our loved for granted - in the end, its never long enough!

    Hope your grampa feels better soon.

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  • *Hugs*  

    Sorry you're going through this.  I hope your Grandfather recovers.

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  • So sorry!  I'd be lost without my grandpa.  I hope he recovers well!  Sending well wishes your way!
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  • I'm glad he made it through the surgery ok :)  It does suck that it cuts into your time with your dad, but at least your g-pa is ok.   I wish my granfather was still alive :(  he died a little over a year ago...  I wish he could be at the wedding... I know he'll be looking down though 0:) 

    How far away from your family are you?  ****Hoping a fast and easy recovery for him!!!****
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  • Thinking about you and your family. Hang in there...
  • It's about a 18 hour drive. Unfortunately, Maine sticks up in between NB and QC/ON (there's only a couple of kilometers at that point of QC), so that adds time because you have to drive around it.
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  • thanks for letting us know how things are going.  I'm glad he made it through the op okay.  

    I hope he has a swift and full recovery.  

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