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February 2011 Weddings

Ok Seriously...There has to be more

I realize Feb is a shorter and cold month, but there has to be some Feb brides out there!!Wedding date: Feb 19, 2011Place: New JerseyDon't worry, we're getting wedding insurance for when the Nor'easter wants to come and ruin my day :)
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Re: Ok Seriously...There has to be more

  • I know, I find it very strange that this board is so dead.  I'm in Florida, so to classify my February wedding as a "winter wedding" is a bit of a misnomer, but I do think winter weddings are very beautiful!
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  • Hey gals,
     My boyfriend and I are not engaged yet, but we want to marry in Feb of 2011, I am up in Toronto Ontario. I think Feb is a wonderful time to get married- everyone has the blues, and it is great to have a party smack in the middle of it!
  • hey ladies....  I just got engaged on christmas day and we have already decided we wanted a feb wedding, so far it's feb 19... it may change if we find the perfect place and they aren't available that day... but welcome all you Feb brides!!
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  • Congrats to all of us for Feb!! I'm a little sad about how cold it is here (avg temp in KC for Feb is 50s) so no outdoor wedding, but I'm thinking I just don't want to wait later into the season! I want to be married!! Haha

    What're your colors?
    I want something dramatic and different so we're pretty set on purple and red. Mainly purple because red is pretty cliche for winter (esp V-day).
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  • hey kristi... welcome!!!

    We like the colors of a sage/olive green and a maroon with white...  not def on those colors, but i absolutely would love that green to be a part of my dress and with those two colors together, its def a winter feeling.  We're are located in florida and plan to hvae our wedidng here, one thing so far that i have noticed is that most venues have the cermony outdoors, so i'm finding it a little difficult to find something indoors, yet very natural feeling....   Good luck to you!!
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  • Hi Everyone!
    Add one more to the February group! We just got engaged over the holiday and have decided on Feb 22, 2011 in St Thomas USVI.  I will be a smaller (25ish) destination wedding.  Very excited to start the planning! Good luck with the planning to all of you too!
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    Another one here! Just got engaged new years eve/day and we are trying to plan for a feb 12 or 19 2011 wedding! I cant believe how wedding obsessed I have become over the past 5 days!!! I am just so happy its hard to contain it!! I have been dating my fiance for 4 years so I was so happy when he finally popped the question!!!!
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  • Feb bride here! We're set for Feb 26 in Key West!  It's still early, I think there will be a lot more of us a little later :)
  • That's my wedding date, too!  Congrats!
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  • im also getting married in feb. 02/12/11!!! we are in nh but getting married in newry,me on a moutain near sunday river ski resort. I didnt want the typical reception hall so we rented a private estate for the weekend.(for those who havent found a place check into renting a vacation house.) we are going to be using brown and green for our colors.( the website of the house, ski esta estate we are renting is www.skiesta.us , im so excited! i cant wait!)
  • Feb 2011 here! Holla!!! New Jersey too. What's up?
  • Feb 12, 2011 - Getting married in canada on Ski Hill :) Congrats everyone
  • Feb. 26, 2011 and getting married in Boston, MA!

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  • FEB 26th 2011- bride from Texas! hoping for great weather and still undesisive on colors!

  • Another Feb 19th bride. I don't mind having the cold weather date because we are honeymooning in warmer climates. Going to get my Army man to venture on a cruise. I don't care how cold it gets that day I want outdoor pics. My girlfriend is a professional photographer and is willling to capture some amazing shots on the steps of the Victorian house, on the wrap-around porch, and under the magnolia trees. Congratulations everyone.

  • Hello All!

    Got engaged April 30.

    Getting Married February 26 in Daytona Beach, FL.
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