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October 2011 Weddings

Show Me Yours and Vote For Ours!

LOL....that sounds funny.  Anyways, show me your holiday cards!   I decided last minute that since Vistaprint rocks so much and our e-pics will be here in a week, that we would send them this year :)  That and I know I'll get an email with like a 30% coupon to make them super-cheap.

Anyways, need some help on which ones look good. 







Re: Show Me Yours and Vote For Ours!

  • I love all of them!!! 
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  • Thanks girls!  Now where are yours?  :)
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    I voted C... apparently the only one to do that so far :P

    We're not sending Christmas cards. We did however send out engagement/new address announcements. I figured it was an easy way to make sure all of FI's family knew about our engagement - he forgot to tell his sister and she found out on facebook. I almost killed him!!! Plus we had just moved in together and everyone was asking for our address.
    Here's what they looked like though, since I'm an AW and designed them ;)

    Sooooooooo anyway, back to Christmas card thoughts- I just figured it'd be overkill if we had sent these out in August, then Christmas cards, and then STDs in Jan/Feb.
  • I really like D, we used A two years ago...Cool
    this years, what do ya think?
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  • I like both B & F, but picked B because it had color!

    We will not be doing Christmas cards this year...maybe next year....

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  • A saw those Julie!  We never see a beach...not really us...LOL  :)  But they are cool.
  • I voted C, because I'm using it too, but I love F as well.

    Not posting it, because I don't have a decent photo yet!
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  • I love a and d . if I had pick one it would be d . We go every year to portrait simple to take pics for christmas cards as soon as they get in ill post them
  • I picked B cause it's purple but I like A, B and C. They're all nice. We just bought regular holiday cards from Target this year. I got a box of 40 for $15 and it just seemed easier with everything going on.
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  • I went with D... I like how the blue in it pops.

    We're not doing Christmas cards this year. I don't think the engagement pics will be back in enough time to have them made and sent out in time. I could use a regular picture of us, I know, but... eh, I don't feel like it.

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  • were waiting until were Mr and Mrs before we start sending christmas cards
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  • The former yearbook editor-in-chief in me tells me that E has the most sound/balanced design, and therefore, that is my favorite. :-D

    We won't do cards/pics until next year.
  • I really like E, because I like the big picture of you two--and the pretty fillagree pattern on the left.  C is also nice, again because the picture of you two is larger than on the others. 
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