Village By The Sea

Has anyone used or heard anything about using Village by the Sea in Wells as a wedding venue??? It sounds good online but I haven't visited yet. Any opinions are appreciated! :)

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    i am from wells, and we held our senior prom there in '04. I wasn't involved in the planning at all, but the space was big, not outdated, and we all had a blast! i have also stayed in their suites before, so if you end up blocking rooms for guests, their accomodations are great!
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    I'm having my wedding there in October 2010. I really like them so far. The event coordinator is really nice and easy to work with. A couple of my friends have been to weddings there and they had a blast! I also got to see the place all set up for a wedding and it looked really nice! HTH
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    Thanks for the help! I think I'm leaning towards using them as a venue. Next step is to visit. :)
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    We visited them. I looked them, The only thing we didn't like is we are going to have an outside wedding and the area where they do them was like right now to the entrance. So cars would be going in and out during the ceremony, I thought it'd be loud, and I don't want a bunch of cars in the back of my wedding photos.
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