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Videographer - To have or not to have???

Hello All! Smile

I am having a serious debate about whether or not to have a videographer film my wedding. Overall, I would like to have one... but the price is what is making me question it. I have already spent $2500 on my photographer and don't really want to spend very much at all for a videographer.

Does anyone have any suggestions as far as vendors go? I appreciate the help!

Re: Videographer - To have or not to have???

  • autumnkelautumnkel member
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    I say definately have....I debated long and hard about this too and didn't hire someone until the last minute and turns out I loved her and I love my video and I watch it all the time.  I would definately spend the extra money to have it filmed even if it's not the high end package to have it on film is priceless. 

    I used Dawn Brennan  I think her website it www.dmbvideopgh.com you'll love her she's great and not too pricey either :)
  • CLW102409CLW102409 member
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    I had one, I hope to be getting my video back soon.  I went back and forth with having and not having one.  I am actually glad that I did have it.  I know I missed a lot of stuff that day that the vidographers caputured.  I am sure you can find a reasonbly priced one.  I used www.Pittsburghweddingdvd.com

    Kevin and Candace were great!  Very unobtrusive - we asked them not to do guest interviews (which they did not). 

    Can you buy a decent camera and have a family member or friend record the day for you?

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    We did not have one and do not regret it at all.  

    Here's why it worked for us:
    -We had a family friend record our ceremony and a few parts of our reception
    -We had a limited budget and wanted to spend the money elsewhere
    -I hate the way I look/sound on video
    -I've been married for 1.5 years and we've watched the footage from our family friend exactly once.  And it was the day we received it from him.  I have NO desire to sit down and watch it.  I don't feel like I "missed" any of my wedding day.

    HTH a bit!
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  • LaFemmeRousseLaFemmeRousse member
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    We are using All-Pro USA for our videography.  They are very affordable and are highly recommended by others on the board.  Honestly, videography wasn't at the top of my list of importance, but I decided I didn't want to miss out on anything and it was in the budget.  I heard so many good things about All Pro, and the quality for the price (all HD) is really great, so we chose them and I feel happy with the decision.

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    I am really, really glad that I have my video. It is just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than my photographs.

    I have actually only seen a few clips of it (haven't had the time yet to watch it), but the clip I did see brought me to tears.

    I highly recommend it. I went with All-Pro USA as well.
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    I am also really thrilled that we decided to have a videographer. We were able to find one who does great work and is pretty inexpensive, so we were able to fit it into our budget.

    I was undecided - but my aunt and uncle said it was the one thing they always regretted not doing, and this is 28 years later for them. So I knew it was important.

    DH was skeptical, but the day is such a blur, and he was stressed, so he was glad we could watch it happen on DVD. Also, we had a large amount of OOT guests, and this helped us share our wedding day with them.

    Email me at jennybee1018 at gmail dot com for his info!


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    Thank you soooo much for all of the suggestions! I really think I am going to go with one. It's just the price that is getting me Embarassed With being on a budget, it's hard to shell out $1500 for a vidoe. Ugh!!
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    jjs - I did NOT pay 1500 for a videographer. Mine was under 1000. Email me for his info!

    Dave & Jennifer 10.18.08
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    JennyBee1018  - I sent you an e-mail a few minutes ago Smile
  • ros3392ros3392 member
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    I think we are having a close friend's cousin do it for like $150. He is not close to us, and was not going to be a guest. He is a college student and is excited to make an easy $150, plus free food. We want the moments captured, but don't care if it is edited or professional!

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    Hmmm, jjs I did not get any email from you....Try again?

    jennybee1018 at gmail dot com or post your email to me and I will send the info over!

    Dave & Jennifer 10.18.08
    My Doha Adventures
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    I think it's a must.  I've had friends say that their day went by so fast they didn't remember so many things.  I haven't begun looking for someone yet, but i definately want one, my friends are nutty and I want to hear all the funny stuff said and done,, oh yea and hearing the vows is noce too. :-P
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