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Mother/Son Dance

My FH doesn't like to dance at all so me getting him to do any is a miracle. So I need some help choosing a song for him to dance to with his mom. I've contacted his mom but doesn't seem to have a response for me and I need to get this picked out soon!! Nothing too sentimental or anything like that but enough where they can get out there and sway around a few times and be done with it?! Please help!! Thanks!!

Re: Mother/Son Dance

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    What about something like "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion...?

    Just do a quick google search for MOTHER SON WEDDING DANCE SONGS and you should find a ton.
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    We are using My Wish by Rascal Flatts and have decided to combine the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance so no one feels like they are put on the spot! The song is great and it's not too mushy...

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    Thanks for posting about "My Wish".  I googled it with my FI and he loved it for the Mother/Son dance for our wedding!
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