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What are y ou doing for....

What are you doing for your rehersal diner? Where is it at and what kind of food are you having? All of our wedding party is family and we were just in a wedding last fall and they judt did pizza at their home is this tacky?

Re: What are y ou doing for....

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    No, it's not tacky.  I am planning to do pizza and wings at FI's parents' house.  There is no requirement that an RD be at all fancy.
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    We had lasagna at DH's home back when we were married.  It was great.

    We had a backyard cookout for our son and DIL's RD.  I prefer more low key RD's before the "busy-ness" of wedding day.
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    We're having a bowling party at our local alley with buffet style eats in a private section :)  I want everyone to have fun and talk and enjoy themselves! Do pizza and wings/have a bbq/whatever you want. 
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    i dont want to do a rehersal dinner. ugh.
  • scpalmtree06scpalmtree06 member
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    Pizza and beer at a local pizza joint for us.
  • benmel31benmel31 member
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    We are having ours at a local tavern restaurant.  We are not expecting too many people, about 20, so we just chose 4 meals off the menu for guests to choose from: steak, chicken parm, crab cakes, and veal oscar.  We are also going to pre-order appetizers off the menu that they will start prepping when we arrive.

    I agree, do whatever you want for the RD.
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  • christina inachristina ina member
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    We want a really casual RD so FI suggested a BBQ at his dad's house.  Our rehearsal will be around noon the day before the wedding, so the RD will be a late lunch.  It'll end some time in the late afternoon/early evening which works out perfect so all the girls will have time to help my BM assemble our flowers and FI and I will have time to pack for our honeymoon.

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  • kfrisbeekfrisbee member
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    We are doing laser tag with pizza delivered. 

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