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Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are STUPID!

And that's why I'm SOOOO excited that mine is in less than 1 MONTH!

Hi lovelies! How is everyone's planning going?

Oh yeah and I always said that I would never get stressed out. I am currently VERY stressed out and cannot focus on anything else in my life that isn't wedding related. 
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Re: Destination weddings are STUPID!

  • Hi Lauren! You're getting so close! I'm sorry you're so stressed. I always said I wasn't going to get stressed too....and I'm now completely stressed and still have 3 months left. I can only imagine your level of stress. No worries though....remember that all you really need is your man and an officiant...the rest is just fluff :)
  • OMG you only have 3 months left?? I remember way back in the day when we were at and over a year. It feels like no time has gone by at all....so weird. 
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  • Whatcha stressed about.  Maybe if you vent it all out here it will

    a) make you feel better

    b)  give me something to read on the knot so I won't be board.

    Both of you, and go....
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  • Let's see....I had to find an emergency seamstress because my alterations lady suddenly went out of town until mid February and the only other woman working at the shop is a horridbitch and I refuse to leave my dress with her. Luckily I think I got someone good based on a rec from another bridal shop so we shall see tomorrow. 

    That's the most recent specific stress. Then I'm just feeling stress about the whole thing in general. Like I'm going to forget something important or something won't work out right, etc. 
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  • I hear ya - but I know you can dooo it! One thing a time, and try to get lots of sleep! That's the thing that's killin' me lately.  Your wedding will all come together and it will be BEAUTIFUL!
  • It will all work out and be beautiful.  I think my biggest fear will also be forgetting something.  I know things will work out with your alterations, chin up Salt.

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  • Wow, look at that ticket. No one month and...

    We miss you around here! Hope the stress goes away. I am in complete denial that my wedding is 3 months away, so no stress yet. :)
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  • And p.s. Good decision. Your dress is gorgeous so I'm glad you didn't take her to the horridbitch. 
    Meghan and Jonny- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - May 1, 2010
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  • Yay!! You're so close!
  • Lauren!  My lovely, precious Lauren!  :)  I super puffy heart you!  Can't wait for you and M to come out to Cali later on in the year!!!



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  • I saw the title of this post (and not the poster) was was ready to attack, lol.  Your day is so soon, I am so excited for you!
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  • Hi, Lauren!!  I can't believe that you're so close!  I hope to see you over ND soon!
  • Hi Lauren!  We miss you over here!!  Congrats on one month =)
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  • Ha! HA! Ha!  I saw the title of this post and KNEW it had to be you!!! 

    Yup, you're right on track for a super-stress attack!!!  HA!  But just wait until that plane lands in T&C and you have a foo-foo drink in-hand...all your troubles will melt away like an M&M in the tropical sun!!!

    I understand your dress situation!!!  I got my dress back from our wonderful, wonderful seamstress 2 days before we left!!!  She pretty much had to reconstruct the whole thing because I think it grew!  I was "on call" with my seamstress for a few weeks...if she needed me, I would drop my Taco Bell taco and run!

    GL!  You're so close to paradise now!!!!!
  • The stress now is totally worth being able to relax on the beach w/ no worries later!! Honestly though I was super stressed until the morning of our wedding (it was because the weather was crappy for the first couple days). But, from the wedding on, I was as cool as a cucumber! GL and I hope the dress thing works itself out ASAP!


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  • Lauren!  Can't wait for you to join us on the ND board!  I love your wedding ring btw, saw it on Facebook the other day, so pretty and sparkly!  I was stressed until we got to Jamaica and then I was fine, until I went to get ready... then I was so stressed out I thought I was going to throw up.  But after I got my dress on and saw my DH everything just melted away.  I can't believe how close you are!
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-theme-boards_destination-weddings_destination-weddings-stupid?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Theme BoardsForum:54Discussion:0c096497-a374-4830-b94c-a87dec2578daPost:7d63941a-64eb-4db8-a3ca-c2565efd2cc2">Re: Destination weddings are STUPID!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hi, Lauren!!  I can't believe that you're so close!  I hope to see you over ND soon!
    Posted by natalee215[/QUOTE]

    THIS!!!!! you're so close lady!!!! vent it all out, ur almost there, I'm so excited to hear all about it!!!!!

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  • OMG all you pregnant ladies!! Congrats to all of you! (AND MEX OMG!!!! You are almost done!)

    I'm looking forward to moving over to the ND board. :) Maybe I'll come visit right now since I am way late posting back in here. :)
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