DC wedding favors

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get DC themed wedding favors and other DC thimed wedding stuff like center pieces ect?

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    well the only thing i can imagine is that you would have to go to the touristy shops.  I know in NYC I went to the wholesalers that no one really knows about, these are the ones the stores go to to buy their stuff and mark the price up.  If you find one of those in DC you would be good to go.  Try going to China town and look around at the smaller mom and pop stores and/or ask around while you are there and see if they can point you in the direction of a wholesaler.  You can also contact the dept of tourism for DC and they can give you a few things for free like bumper stickers, pins, pens, etc.  Also, check out the flea markets in DC, you can always find a lot of I LOVE DC type of things.

    I found these for you on the web that you can call.  Just ask them for their address and tell them that you want to come in to look at the merchandise. 

    Max Trading Corp- 202-543-0633
    Capital Wholesale Imports- 202-638-1836
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