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Ok Bridesmaids dresses help and im going to rant.. you have been warned!

I went to B&F where i ordered my wedding dress to look for bridesmaids dresses and couldn't find anything with a resonable price or that would really fit my bridesmaids because they arnt a size freaking 0. Our price is no more than $170. We then went to davids and found a dress we all loved. One of my bridesmaids ordered the dress and the others would order it when their checks came in the next couple of weeks

The workers told us to order it soon because it may get discontiuned soon but they would CALL me 24 hours in ADVANCE of it being discontiuned so i could call all my BMs to make sure they ordered it. 

WELL. my BM that ordered it already received it and they are mailing it to her house. 
My other ones were ordering it on friday. and i am talking to one of them on the phone and i go to look at it online and guess what IT WASNT THERE!?!? So i called the Kenwood location and the manager told me there workers had no way of knowing to call me or anything like that and they shouldnt have told me they would....? So i know my BM is going to have to exchange it but I am looking online now and they have basically nothing. and if they do have something its like $270! 

Im SOSOSOSOSOO frustrated and upset about the dresses cause they were gorgeous. And im dealing with having to kick my maid of honor out of the wedding and its been SOO stressful

My question now is does anyone know of a place where i can get nice BM dresses at a good price or do you think i should try to go back to B&F? 

Thanks for putting up with me :D
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Re: Ok Bridesmaids dresses help and im going to rant.. you have been warned!

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    I am sorry you are having to deal with that, I hope it all works out for you! 

    Also, why are you kicking out your MOH? 
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    lol. i figured if i added that story it would be really long but ill give the summery. 

    first why did i ask her to be my MOH in the first place??? no idea it was stupid i thought since she was so excited she would do a great job and i dont really have a best friend so my cousin seemed like a good choice. she had just moved down here from new york and my family brought her and her son in. Well she parties all the time and leaves her son with whoever my brother his fiance, my grandma and my mom basically raise him and shes walking all over everyone and i cant stand seeing my family being taken advatage of. Well i talked to her about it and she said she understood and she would change and we went to go look at dresses. she started saying nasty things about my other BMs while we were at davids trying on the dress i already picked out and asked if she could get it shortened to make it different and i responded "uh. hell no" LOL! 

    She said she was going to order the dress in a couple of days this was the beginining of November. I told her it was going to be discontiuned so it had to be soon. Well my brother is paying for his fiances BM dress and said he wasnt going to buy it until my MH did i said ok so EVERDAY i sent her a text asking if she had ordered it yet and she contiuned to tell me she would like tomorrow or something. Well. 2 BM ordered the dress. 2 did not. the BM got discontiuned and DB did not give me the 24 hour notice they promised. So im mad at DB and at her. she now told me she wouldnt order it till January and i said thats not an option sorry u cant be in the wedding. 

    oh and i wouldnt have been so mean about the whole not having the money thing is she didnt go out to the freaking bars EVERY night  and blow her money. 

    So now.. i have no idea who my MH will be. =/
    do i really fraking need one? lol goshhhhhh.
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    Ugh- this is awful.  I picked a dress at DB that they told me they suspected might go away pretty soon.  They SWORE to me that I would get notice- that as soon as they heard they could generate a list of people who had it on their "registry" or whatever its called.  I was nervious because I had one bridesmaid who wanted to wait a bit because she had been making a lot of progress losing weight.  I can totally understand and I wanted her dress to fit her, but I was SOOO nervous.

    But back to the point... they told me the exact same thing, that they would give notice.  I know they have a NO RETURN policy, but I would raise total hell.  Even if they deny they said it, you probably have witnesses.  Don't let them polite you out of a refund.
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    I totally will not let that happen. I was at a total loss for words I have plenty of witnesses three of them actually. Yeah, i plan on getting the refund or at least trying like hell 2. I cant seem the not giving it to me. i mean... they are the ones who completely effed up .

    Have you ordered all ur dresses yet??
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    Can you call around to other David's to see if they have that dress in stock? The Kenwood store really should have been able to do this for you. It is possible that other stores still have it and you won't have to re-select the dress.

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    I tried but when they give you the options of sizes its coming from a warehouse so all of the DB have access to that warehouse. :/ thanks tho! 
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    They could be on the rack at other DBs. I had this happen in a friend's wedding. We all ordered the dress minus one girl. By the time the last BM went to order the dress it was discontinued. My friend had to randomly call DBs in the country. She was in Nashville and luckily found a dress in Florence. You are limited to the sizes in the store but it is an option. 
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    Thanks. I think since i had to kick my MOH out and bring someone else in as a bridesmaid ill just start all over. i sent DB an email and i just got notice it was sent to corporate and i will hear back within 48 hours m-f. so we will see.
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    if DB doesnt work out...
    I got mine from B&F for $125 - the brand was Forever Yours- cute standard dress with a flower and rousing (im sure i didnt spell that right).
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    We actually ordered them at Alfred Angelo today! 
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