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what was the first...

..thing you did planning wise after getting engaged?

finding a photographer was my top priority!

Re: what was the first...

  • reception hall. 
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  • The very first thing I did was buy a lace scarf when I was in cuba, second was the dress, third was the venue.
  • Venue!  We booked the park around the corner from our apartment. I'm amazed that it was open - usually there is a 2 year waiting list!
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  • We booked our venue.  October is a popular month to get married and I really wanted to be sure we could get the date that we wanted.
  • Reception Venue
    Sting Quartet
    Rolls Royce

    In that order. We booked our venue July 7, 2011 and even then there were only 2 October dates left.

  • Determine which state we would get married in and then start looking for venues.

  • We started looking at venues first, but the first thing I got done was buying my dress. Later that same afternoon, we officially booked our venue.
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  • Reception venue- I didn't want anyone else to grab our date! Then church, dress, photograpger, dj. Unfortunately, there was craziness with the church and we had to re-work that situation, but I'm really happy with where we're getting married now.
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  • Venue and guest list..... :)  It all snowballed from there!!!!
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  • Picked a date LOL
    then went looking for dresses for fun..
    then VENUE
    and we were lucky cause there were only 2 dates in OCT she had... and we got ours...
  • Booked our church.  We then went for a reception venue and ended up having to move the date back a day (to Friday), but it worked out OK because we had reserved the church on Friday for our rehearsal.

  • Picked a date! Then photographer and dress shortly after. 
  • We decided to get married in my smaller hometown (we live in the Twin Cities but I am from SD) and since we wanted a short engagement (7 months!) we had to find a date that worked for the church and one of the few reception places in town.  So, our date was set first by booking the church and venue.  I so glad we found something that worked for us before the winter months!
    My BM are my 3 OOT sisters so they came to visit right after I got engaged and we got my dress and their dresses right away.  That was just last March and it seems so long ago!
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  • We first determined that we wanted a small wedding, kinda picked a date (May 12, 2012) but that fell thru cuz we waited til January 2012 to start planning and everyone told me I would have a hard time planning on short notice. We booked the venue a week after I ordered my dress (just went to look but then I found my dress) in January. Next was the photographer, then the caterer (both in February). Then it was the cake in July, Officiant in August, MUA in September, and then I just need to make the appt with the Hair Salon for my wedding (They only make appts 2 weeks out). 
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  • edited October 2012
    My Dad's men's choir was the first thing I booked (December 2010) but the second thing was the venue (March 2011)
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  • We were engaged over a year before we started planning, but once we started, the Venue was our first priority, then photographer.
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    [QUOTE]We booked our venue.  October is a popular month to get married and I really wanted to be sure we could get the date that we wanted.
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    Same. Then the photographer and dress within two months of being engaged.
  • We booked the venue like 2 days later because around here you have to plan about a year out and we were only 10 months away.
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  • We looked at about 5 different venues and got the dates that they were available.  We knew which church we wanted to get married at, and when we met with the priest there were only a couple dates available for this time of year.  (We wanted to get married in the fall, and since we only got engaged in February of this year, a lot of dates were already taken.)  Luckily one of the dates available at the church matched a date available at one of our top 2 venues!  So, we booked the church first, and the venue second.  The third thing I did was buy my dress.
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  • Venue!  We didn't even wait a whole 2 weeks after getting engaged to book it. :)
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