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October 2011 Weddings

Hey Ladies

So what are everyone's plans on New Year's ?

are you staying home ,or going to/having a party to bring in the New year?

I'm planing to stay home and just relax maybe enjoy a glass of wine and some take out  and curl up with my FI and watch a movie,not in the mood to party so I rather just stay home.
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Re: Hey Ladies

  • This year we are keeping things low key and just going to a friend's house to hang out for the night.
  • Staying in and relaxing!
  • Same with Hina =)  Staying in and relaxing...making sure to get in that New Year's kiss.  That's about it but we've never been one to put things into New Year's.

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  • Me and FI are just going to a friends house all night and have a couple of drinks maybe...It is just like 2 other couples besides us...so it is pretty fun...we sometimes put in a movie and play some games.
  • Sounds like we all have the same plan!!  It's a low key night for us, too.  Just going to dinner, coming home and watching the ball drop!
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  • Happy New Year ,wishing you nothing but the best for 2010!!

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  • I see I'm a bit late in here. Everyone must be parting now.
    I'm staying home, partying a little bit. Drinking already and I'm not much of a drinker New Years is usually one of the few times I actually drink a little. I made my first drink about a half hr ago it's almost done I drink them nice and slooww. aha
    Malibu Rum and cranbarry juice. yummy..

    HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! and I hope you are all safe and have a wonderful start into the new year and have a awesome weekend.

    OO It's my mom's birthday so we always are usually here and have cake and a bunch of hotdogs and this year we have a meat tray to make sandwhichs, hotdogs in the crockpot with sourkrat and some on the stove for me, then mom is going to try and make hotdogs in a crassiant *sp*.... Once FI gets off work we should start watching movies, then watch the ball or the big 10 drop then playing cards.. it's going to be a LAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEE NIGHT!!!
    BE SAFE everyone!!
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