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New Bride here!

Hi everyone,
My name is Kelly and my fiance is Hunter. Our wedding is planned for October, 6th 2012. I have been a lurker for awhile and always want to post but just never really end up doing it. 
We are both 21 and a young family with a 2.5 year old little princess. We have been together for 5 years now and met through a mutual friend (actually his ex gf and my HS best friend but they had broken up LONG before and she wanted us together). 

I am in school for Respiratory Therapy and my fiance works at a well known manufacturing company for plasma cutters as a machine operator. I also do part-time work for extra income. Especially now with the holidays and the wedding.

We are having our wedding at the Enfield Shaker Village Museum. It is gorgeous there and I visited a lot at the kid and help out at the shaker festival every october so its really exciting to be able to have our wedding there :)

I got my dress today too! Its Alfred Angelo style 1797 and I love that it has a short train so that its not super super formal but still looks STUNNING. Will need a lot of altering though as I am only 5ft tall. 

We are on a tight budget for a wedding and are lucky to have a friend who is a fashion photographer who is doing my entire wedding for $250 and a friend who is a DJ and has a band that is VERY good that is doing both the ceremony music and the reception music. 

We have no clue who or officiant or caterer is going to be though. Anyone have any good reccomendations for the lakes region? I looked through the vendor sites but didn't see a whole lot of actual reviews for any in this area. Or even just more of the budget friendly ones. Plus I see a lot of people mention ones that aren't up there. :)

I think I just wrote a novel.... But wanted to introduce myself and I needed to tell someone who still cares to listen about my wedding plans Wink
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Re: New Bride here!

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    Congrats and Welcome to the board! the ladies here have been very helpful for me =)  I am not help for the caterer or officiant because I am not using a caterer and I am still looking for an offciant... sorry lol.

    P.S. we love pics around here... especially wedding dresses!
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    This is the dress :) Its going to be in deep red (its called claret but I don't see it when I look in there swatches only in the swatches they had at the store). I didn't get pictures in me of it yet because I went by myself today to make my decision as no one else could come. That and it was in blue and the size she had today was way big (had just sold the smaller plus size sample so only had a 6 and a 22 to try on) so it wouldn't have been the same anyways.

    This is the other dress I had originally "ordered" it was a sample and she does payment plans so it was the one I was making payments on. It was the dress one of my friends had picked out for me for my old venue. It just made me feel older and was too plain for my tastes but I LOVE how it fit but it just wasn't the one. It was always between these two dresses though. This is me actually in it as well :)
    The bottom pleat was bugging me in this picture.... Another reason I think I never fully fell in love. I kept playing with the pleats....
    And this is my old headband and veil. I am now using a family members old veil and tiara for my something borrowed as these were just stretching the budget even though they were GORGEOUS. 

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    Loooove the first (new) dress, it's beautiful!  It will make quite the statement with the red :-)  Very exciting, congrats on finding the one!!
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    I am sooo excited about the new dress I LOVE it as well. Definitely the one for me. My mom laughed when I showed her the picture of the one today. Not in a bad way though, because she remembers when I was little I went with them to my sisters prom dress shopping and there was a dress almost exactly like it with the same red and was like thats what I am getting married in. I don't know why I didn't go with it first. I think I was to overly swayed by my friend who went with me the first times oppinion... But I am so happy now :)
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    [QUOTE]Congratulations and welcome!!!!!
    Posted by JennLaura[/QUOTE]

    <div>Thank you! I am very excited to get to know everyone better. </div>
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    Welcome to the board!

    I don't have any catering suggestions but you can try for an officiant.

    Good luck!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the NH board...a good group here with lots of good advice!

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    Welcome! I LOVE the Enfield Shaker Village! Great venue choice, I'm sure it will be a spectacular wedding!
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    Welcome :)  Congrats on the dress.  It is beautiful and i am sure it is a relief to have that check done.  Anytime you have questions usually there is someone who can help or if it is just to vent.  Good luck!
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  • Hey congratulations! Welcome to the NH board!
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