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Help with something borrowed items...

My FMIL called last week and told me about a locket that she has that she would love for me to wear on my big day.  She described it as being gold with black and that she typically wore it with a ribbon.  I have not seen it and she will be bringing it in the day before the wedding.  I do want to wear it so she knows it is important to me, but not around my neck.  I was thinking I could wear it around my wrist...  Now the other day, my mom's best friend put together a package for me of all something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new.  She also sent a locket with a picture of my parents from their wedding day.  It is white gold and I could potentially wear it around my neck, but I think I would prefer to wear the necklace that my fiance bought me two years ago instead.  It goes with the rest of my jewelry.  So...I was thinking perhaps I could wear this locket on a bracelet too.  Someone suggested a charm bracelet to me the other day to put them both on.  Has anyone ever seen this or done this?  I am also open to other suggestions...

Re: Help with something borrowed items...

  • If you're opposed to wearing one over the other you could go with the charm bracelet idea or you could wrap both around your bouquet. I've seen women do that on their wedding day with heirloom family jewelry etc. 
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  • I would also recommend you put it around your bouquet. You can get ribbon that matches the ribbon going around the handle of your bouquet, lace it through the round opening fixture on the lockets and put both on your bouquet, then wear the necklace you want.
  • Bouquet for sure. That way you acknowledge both, but still get to wear what you want. 
    They are very sweet thoughts, but ultimately you need to wear what is most meaningful to you, and if that's a piece from your soon-to-be-husband I think everyone will understand completely. 
  • Thanks ladies! I appreciate the help :)
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