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Camden County Boathouse Cocktail Hour question

Hey Ladies,


This is my first post so let me introduce myself. Hi ! I'm Dannielle and my FI Chris and I are getting married 11/17/2012 at the Camden County Boathouse.


I have a question for anyone who has had/ or is planning on having a reception there. We are having about 150 ppl and I am a little concerned about the space for cocktail hour. My  FI wants to have cocktail hour in the main ballroom at the boathouse, because he feels that ppl will be uncomfortable if it is set up anywhere else. I would like to have a separate cocktail area from the other reception space (mainly bc I REALLY want to have that "wow factor” when our guests walk in to the ballroom.)


With that said, I'm not too sure what space we can use effectively without it feeling disjointed. I saw the episode of 4 weddings that featured the boathouse and that cocktail hour seemed all over the place. That was more fuel for my FI’s point. He doesn't want ppl jammed back to back with no real breathing room, and no real place to set their plates, and I find myself not really being able to argue with his point.


So (after all of that lol) my question is how have/are you guys getting around the space issue when it comes to cocktail hour? Any and all suggestions would be helpful.

 Thank You in Advance



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Re: Camden County Boathouse Cocktail Hour question

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    Hi Dannielle,
    I was going to have my reception there (we aren't because we are going to have more like 200 people) but this was also one of our main issues. The suggestion I liked the best was to have cocktail hour out on the veranda so that there will be plenty of room and a different atmosphere. My wedding is on April 27, 2012 so we were also concerned about temperature, but considering the warm weather we had this November, you might be in luck! Also we were considering having outdoor heaters and maybe even a tent of sorts. Plus people will have the option to sit at their tables if they are cold or just don't want to be outside. But having most of the food stations and bar outside seemed like a cool way to get people out there and seeing the view. Good luck and HTH!
    - Christy
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    Oh also I thought of having room separators up hiding the rest of the room and only having the dance floor openend for food stations and cocktail hour type tables and access to the veranda... this way you could still have the "wow" factor when the room separators are gone and you see the high ceilings and center pieces etc.

    Another thing we toyed with was using those other two small rooms (I think they are class rooms that would need to be cleared) to the right of the elevators for a bar or food station in addition to the hallway area and keeping the main ballroom closed. We decided this wouldn't be enough room, but again we were looking at closer to 175 and never 150.
  • Thank you Christy. I will def run all of this by my FI and see what he thinks. I swear this is one of the only things he wants to have an opinion on when it comes to this wedding lol.
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    I just put my deposit down on the Boathouse this week!  We had the same questions, because the 2nd floor lobby was so tiny for my 100 person wedding and I wouldn't want people having to go to the first floor for the cocktail hour.  Anyway, we decided we would open up one or both of the conferance rooms and have cold horderves in a room with maybe some high tops.  They said they could clear the rooms out of all the tables and office chairs so they could be usable.  That seems to free a lot of space up for people to roam for the hour.
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