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Warm Delights

I found those Betty Crocker Warm Delights at the Dollar Tree today.  These things are absolutely delicious and so easy to make.

Re: Warm Delights

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    I agree.  I know that it's not a hard concept to understand, but somehow adding water to powder and ending up with really some pretty delicious cake is kind of like magic. SO easy.
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    GAH I freaking love those. Especially the caramel one. Once, after a really bad day, I admit to sucking the caramel out of the packet. Yeah.
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    I really like them. I bought a bucn of the 150-calories ones, and they're great for chocolate cravings. Perfect size and everthing!
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    The only had the regular chocolate ones at the Dollar Tree, but I'm okay with that since they're my favorite.
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    ggmaeggmae member
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    I ate these in college all the time. Now I try to avoid buying them because they are expensive (here anyway.)
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    NebbNebb member
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    I had to look up what these were because I didnt know. I think I had one years ago and thought it was nasty, but I honestly cant remember. I dont recall seeing them around here.
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    omg those things creep me out so much!  The same way that Easy Mac's just unnatural.  I can't explain it.
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    They are the devil.  Because I want to eat them every day.  So. . . I rarely have them in the house.
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    KentuckyKateKentuckyKate member
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    I just bought some of these because I read this post before I went grocery shopping.  I had never had them before tonight, but that caramel one I just ate was amazing.  So Navy, I kind of love you and hate you at the same time right now.

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