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Bachelorette party...who do you invite?

I am making a list for my MOH for my Bachelorette party guests....who do you invite? I know all the bridesmaids, but is it just the bridesmaids or do you invite outside people as well?

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Re: Bachelorette party...who do you invite?

  • Mines going to be bridesmaids and close girl friends who are invited to the wedding (and are similar in age).
  • You can invite anyone you want who is also invited to the wedding. I would include BM's plus any other close friends you would like to party with. 
  • People invited to your wedding that you can have fun and get crazy with. Lol! It's about having fun so if you don't feel comfortable with someone them don't invite them.
  • I invited my bridesmaids, as well as my other closest girlfriends. We're having 8 girls total, which is a perfect number to me. 
  • Invite who you'd invite out for your 21st birthday party from the girls.  As long as they are invited to the wedding.

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  • Or can you do like my best friend did and just put it on your facebook status, asking if anyone out in facebook land wanted to come to her bachelorette.  Never mind the paper invitations that had already gone out and that half of her facebook friends were not invited to her wedding.  

    Sorry, I just wanted to vent about my best friends FB faux pas for a minute.

    Definitely invite any of your best girls who are invited to the wedding!
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  • Mine is bridal party, best girlfriends from church and life aged 17 (sister) to like 42...

    Whereas the bridal shower includes the older aunts and grandmothers and FMIL
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