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Mother & Son Partnered up?

My bridesmaids (besides MOH) are my younger sister and my aunt who I am really close to.
The groomsmen are my FI's younger brother and my cousin (Aunt's son) who we also close to.

I'd like our younger siblings to be partnered up. So that leaves my aunt and my cousin, her son together. I really don't mind it, I thought it would be kind of sweet but I don't know how others would feel.

Is it against "the rules" to have mother and son partnered up?

Opinions? Or has anybody ever had this?

Re: Mother & Son Partnered up?

  • They're walking down an aisle, not fuccking.
  • I think it would be sweet. Its just a ten second walk, so I don't think anyone would even form an opinion
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    I just needed a little reassurance, thank you ecsmiles :)
  • I don't think guests actually "care" about whose paired up. Plus, the photog will most likely get a shot of all the pairs, so this would probably be a nice picture of them.

    Bottom line: it's fine.

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  • Who was paired with who at the last six weddings you attended?  Don't know?  That's because it's something that brides obsess about and guests don't give a fig about.

    At DD's wedding, my son escorted me to my seat~do you think it was something sketchy?  You're overthinking this.
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    It is absolutely fine if they walk together and agreed that photog will probably be able to get a nice photo or two of a son escorting his mother down the aisle during both the processional and recessional portions of the ceremony.  Don't worry about it for another second - you're overthining and there are certainly no "rules" against this. Wink
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