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bored soooo......


Re: bored soooo......

  • Tailgating for Bengals games. He was my beer pong partner. :
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  • College - we were in the same honors society. We met on a retreat and I became friends with his friend group. He asked me out awhile later and I shot him down because I wasn't looking for anything serious and didn't want to complicate any dynamics (something FI to this day does not believe). We accidentally went on a date because I had planned a group outing but no one else could make it so it ended up being just FI and I. Sometimes I wonder if our friends did that on purpose...

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    AWWW!!! I love these! They are all so cute and some are just freaking hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!! :)
  • I've been lurking for about a month but couldn't resist this one :) FI and I met in marching band in high school. We were "bus buddies" and sat together on the bus for competitions. Throughout high school and college he always told me we would end up together and I always just laughed it off and told him we are too good of friends. After friend zoning him for about 9 years I decided he was the one for me and we've been happily together for over a year, engaged for almost a month :)
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  • FI lived on the same floor in the college dorm as my then boyfriend.  They were aquantances, but not friends.  I asked FI's roommate if he would take Ballroom dancing with me since my then boyfriend insisted on taking the course at 8am.  I am NOT a morning person and FI's roommate was the only other person I knew well enough to think to ask.  Well FI's roommate couldn't take the class, so I jokingly asked FI, whom I didn't know very well at the time.  He said yes.  Huge surprise since he was a computer nerd who dressed in punk-goth clothes.  Lol  

    Halfway through the semester I broke up with my boyfriend and FI broke up with his long-distance girlfriend.  A month later we were officially together and he started staying the night at my dorm.  I was alone in a two person room.  Worked out great!  9+ years on we are still together and have two cat babies.  They are 7 and 7 1/2 years old. 
  • Met through a friend.
  • we were drunk at a bar the day after Christmas.  He was the third guy that night to ask for my phone number that night and the only one that I actually gave it to.  I went home with him and honestly figured it would just be a one night stand but he called me about a week later and we were pretty much inseperable after that.
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    When I met with our officiant, and he asked how we met, I was all, "OK, I will tell you, but you can't judge me!" He replied, "Listen. When I met my wife, it was me waking up from being passed out half naked on a couch in a frat house. I haven't always been a minister, you know."  I thought that was hilarious. 
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  • I lived out of state and came to my home town for a mini high school reunion 4 years ago.  We graduated together 20 years ago and neither of us knew who the other was.  I heard he was a ticket broker so I told him I needed Bon Jovi tickets.  I went back to MN and sure enough, he got me the tickets I needed.  I was in the midst of a bad breakup and wasn't even thinking of dating at that time.  Couple months later I was in Chicago for a Cubs game and invited him.  I told him I needed more good seats for Bon Jovi.  He got them for me and I moved back to Chicago months later and we've been dating ever since!  6 1/2 weeks til the wedding!

    As long as he keeps the Jovi tickets coming it's all good.  LOL
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  • He was drunk at a bonfire that I showed up to for a mutual friend's birthday. I was seeing another guy at the time and thought H was pretty weird. Turns out, the guy I was seeing was a douchecanoe and H was totally down to be my date for the Chicago pride parade. Funny how things work out...
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    Met through a friend back in sophomore year of high school.  Two years later I needed a date to prom, so said friend hooked us up and we have been together ever since.  It will be 11 years together in May and 2 years married in July.

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    In Response to Re:bored soooo......:
    [QUOTE]One night stand. He was casual friends with my ex, who got drunk one night and decided to announce all the reasons he'd left me into the mic at karaoke. H calmly leaned over and said, "so you won't mind if I make a play for her then, right? Because she's effing hot." And the next day, he did.
    Posted by StageManager14[/QUOTE]

    We have a very similar story, except FI was best friends with my ex. Oh and my ex was my ex-FI...FI was in town visiting my ex and since we had a mutual group of friends we all ended up at the same bar. 3 Pat O'Brian's Hurricanes later FI was ditching his friend to come back to my place. We started messaging constantly when he went back to NJ and a year later he moved in with me. 

    ETA: We hated each other when we knew each other in college. He thought I was a crazy b***h and I thought he was an egotistical a$$. Some days we still think the same thing of each other.
    Our standard story is "we knew each other in college and re-connected at Pat O's and kept talking after that." I am petrified of what his best man - who was the third part of their little bromance back then is going to say in his speech. He has been warned not to mention the ex whatsoever.  
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  • The first week of college a mutual friend introduced us.  We got written up for alcohol in his room later that night (we weren't even drinking because the party had ended five minutes before we got there - that was the worst part of it).  FI told me he'd find a way to make it up to me so we decided to hang out the next night as a do-over.  He asked for my number and we've been inseparable ever since!

  • Complicated.

    My girlfriend met my FI on facebook as a friend of a friend. She cajoled him into coming out to meet her one day and proceeded to get a massive crush on him. She actually told me before I met him that he would be perfect for me, but she was all over it and therefore it wasn't going to happen for me (yes she's a tactless person). After pursuing him for a month or so with no reciprocation on his end, eventually she got us to go out to the same event. Pub Trivia with about a half a dozen other people.

    That one night changed everything. Everyone else at the table recognized that something was going to happen between us well before we admitted it to ourselves. We spent the entire night talking to each other. Really pissing off my friend who was crushing on this guy. I still wasn't interested, divorced single dad, he was so not what I was looking for. At this point he'd outright told her he wasn't interested in her and she still kept up the chase.

    For another month or two we pretended we didn't like each other "like that" but took every opportunity to hang out in our friend groups, invite each other to things and eventually one night everyone was supposed to come out to pub trivia again and only FI and I showed up. We spent the entire event alone with no friends as a buffer for the first time.
    Beginning of the end as I like to call it.

    Nothing happened that night, we didn't talk about dating, we didn't kiss, nothing... but I knew it was going to happen. So the next day I told our friend that had a crush on him that it was going to happen and I hope she wouldn't be angry. She had told me he had outright refused her advances multiple times, she believed she could "change his mind" ... I explained to her very plainly that I was sorry it was happening the way it was happening and that I had had no intention of "encroaching on her territory" but it was just happening and I could no longer pretend like we didn't click.

    FI and I had our first "real" date later that week and that was that, we were seriously dating from that day forward. Our friend was pissed for a good week before she realized that he wasn't interested, hadn't ever been interested and Oh, did I mention she already had a boyfriend and was just looking to tack one on? Once she realized she was ok and that she was actually happy for us afterall, things have been fine ever since. And yes, she's still with her original boyfriend too.
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  • In Response to Re: bored soooo......:
    [QUOTE]Protesting against Scientology.
    Posted by ahstillwell[/QUOTE]

    Haha! I had to laugh at this. Told my FI and he also thought it was awesome.
    FI and I met in Jr. High. I had a crush on him but he was 'dating' someone else so I just dropped it. He later got in contact with me in high school and we've been together ever since. He was so freaking cute with his punk clothes and wrist bands. We are best friend, we love going to concerts and playing D&d.. I know, we are super nerds.
  • We met on August 13th, downtown at a bar while celebrating a mutual friends bday. I asked my friend about him and all she said was "you two would be perfect together." We got to talking & had a lot in common. Texted all weekend & hung out all day Monday. At the end of that night, I knew I was going to marrry him.
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  • In college, the honor society I was in put on a big themed initiation party every spring. I was engaged to someone (LDR) and asked him to go with me. He told me he didn't want to go, and to find someone else to take me.  So I did: my now H. We went as friends, but we now pretend this was our first date.

    A week later, our group of friends was going to a concert, but all of them bailed to study for finals, except for the two of us. Again, just friends, but second date.

    That weekend, I wanted to see Nightmare on Elm Street, and "didn't think any other friends would be interested." H was interested, so we went together. THen I went home with him to watch Iron Man (Iron Man 2 was coming out in a few days and I had to see the first one). THen there were some angry alien bunnies, an episode of David the Gnome, and the rest of the night on the porch swing. We still aren't in agreement about who made the first move, but I ended up being carried back inside. 3rd date.

    I made it back to the dorm and slid into my bed less than 30 seconds before my roomate's alarm for church went off, and ended things with my FI as soon as I saw him in person.
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  • Some of your guys' stories brought tears to my eyes, they are soooo cute!!! Congratulations to all of you on you love and happiness!! :)

  • We met through a mutual friend-- I was a co-teacher with this girl for a few months and we randomly started talking one day about relationships which ended in her telling me she would find me a boyfriend, lol.  During Christmas break she met my now FI at a family friends christmas party.  She came back from the break and said "I met your boyfriend--NO, I met your husband!"  I would not go on a blind date so after 2 weeks of hounding me everyday, I finally said I would meet him if her and her husband were there.  (FI wouldn't do a blind date either and said the same thing haha).  Anyway, we met for drinks one night after work, and at the end of that FI asked for my number.   We pretty moved in together 2 months later and have been inseperable ever since for the most part (minus the few months we were long distance when FI moved to start a business, and I had to stay back to tie up lose ends with work).  So true that you find the one when you least expect it!  

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