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Another moving to Cincinnati question


My fiance and I have appreciated all of your input. We have another question for you. We found an apartment in Norwood that we are going to check out this week. Any thoughts on the neighborhood? Is it safe? Nice? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Another moving to Cincinnati question

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    Norwood is fine. Do you know if you are closer to Hyde Park? Once you go and see the apartment you'll be able to tell if it's good or not. Like I mentioned above, if you are closer to Hyde Park that is nice b/c you could walk to Rookwood Commons for some shopping or dining! Good Luck. I'm assuming you are looking for an apartment? If you are open to other suggestion I know of 2 condo's for sale by Mt. Adams and in walking distance to Eden Park and Krohn Conservatory and the Art Museum.
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    That depends on what your standard of nice and safe are. I personally wouldn't live in Norwood, but it's all about perspective. There is more violence in Norwood than in other parts of the city but it's by far not the worst. Some people may hate me for saying this but it's just my opinion.
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    I disagree with the PP that there is more violence  in Norwood then any other part of the city. Just like every other part of town there are good parts and bad parts. Once you go look at the apt and see the area I am sure you will be able to make a decision. Good luck :o
  • Kel7284Kel7284 member
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    I agree with kimandbillbike- Stay clear of norwood.  I would say 20% of it is safe and clean.  2 Places in the general cincinnati area to stay clear of; norwood and colerain.  Yea, the rookwood area is nice, but thats a small percentage of norwood. 
    If it helps go to our city website, and read the crime and court section.
    Just counting down the days :)
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    I lived in Norwood while I was in college and didn't have any issues. My mom lives there now and her street is completely fine. I do agree with PP though that it depends on where in Norwood you live. Some parts of the neighborhood are more desirable than others, but you'll get that in almost any neighborhood in Cincinnati.

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    Norwood has some great areas and some not so great areas. I wouldn't live north of the norwood lateral. I would live closer to Oakley/Hyde Park. You will definitely notice what part of Norwood you are in when you look at the street/neighbors around you. I lived in Norwood for 4 years and never had a problem. I live in Oakley now and, again, it has it's bad parts too. You just have to know which part is ok. Ask around.
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    It completely depends on what part of Norwood.
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