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Pre-Marriage Counseling?

I know that many priests and such recommend or even require couples to attend a pre-marriage counseling session or even retreat and it's something that I think is a good idea but we are having an Ordained Minister marry us so while he is a religious person that attends church,  he isn't a priest or anything. 

So I was just wondering if anyone went and did the pre-wedding counseling on their own and if so where you went/how much it was or if anyone has any rec's on the subject?

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Re: Pre-Marriage Counseling?

  • hkieslinghkiesling member
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    We did ours through our church.  Just a reminder that if you do the counceling, you can get a discount on your marriage license.
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    We also received information through our church, & will be going to the Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend retreat.  I'm not Catholic, but FI is, & we're getting married Catholic.  They do say online, that alothough they follow the Catholic Church's teachings, you do not need to be Catholic to attend & that they are open to all denominations.  It's $225 for the weekend, & they do give you different payment options.  For instance, we signed up for the one in February & with the holiday's weren't able to give all $225 right now.  So we're doing half now, & the rest when we go on the retreat.  They were very nice & very understanding.  Good luck!  = )

    Here's the link to the info...  http://ceemn.com/

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    I should mention...  I know that's pretty spendy for a weekend retreat, it was actually the most expensive of the three our church suggested.  But, it's the one that our chuch has had the best reviews from church goers that have gone to it.  Again, GL!  = )

  • graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    We are getting counselling sessions with our minister as part of the package. I think the whole deal will be $450 with like 8 hours worth of sessions. I think that the price is a little high for a church, but I know that pre-marital is a lot more if one gets professional council. 
  • amberh0515amberh0515 member
    edited December 2011
    We did ours through Eagle Brook Church. It was $25 or $50 a person. I can't remember. This year it is in Lino Lakes. We loved because it was 3 hours on a Friday night and then morning to afternoon on Saturday. It's also non-denominational so we had several friends join us.

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    We are doing ours through the Catholic Church, the New Ulm dioscese, and will be doing a 1 day, 8 hour session on a Saturday and the cost is $100. I would be doing this even if it wasn't required, because it forces FI and I to discuss things now, instead of being blindsided by something that comes up later in our married life.
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