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Newly engaged, just getting started, planning for April, 2011!

Hi everyone!
I'm newly engaged as of December 24, 2011 and just wanted to say hi! I am planning for a wedding in 4 months, which may prove to be challenging, but exciting nonetheless.
I've already bought a dress, necklace and bracelet to match, so I'm good in that department. Both of the top two places I wanted have my dates, which makes me REALLY happy. I've been reading all the posts from the past few weeks and everyone seems so helpful and have been helpful for me just as a reader, so thank you all so much for being so honest and upfront in your opinions.
I'm really excited and can't wait for the big day!!

Re: Newly engaged, just getting started, planning for April, 2011!

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    I'm getting married in April '11 also. We got engaged July 4th this past year and getting married 4-22-11
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    My FI and I have been engaged since June, getting married April 16. I am just starting (sort of) also because we have 3 kids between us and I am in school full time and until recently working part time. I've had some trouble with vendors (we're in covington) because there are\were like 5 weddings the same day\weekend as ours...Good luck!!

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    Good luck!  And congratulations!!
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    We got engaged in June, and we have a 4/16/11 wedding in Nola too!  There are a lot of April weddings in Nola, so I hope you are able to get everything you want!  My biggest challenge has been a florist, but there are plenty around, so you should be able to find what you need.  Good luck and Congratulations!

    Oh, and TWmom, we share a wedding date, so don't steal all the good vendors before I get to them!!!  :)
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