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September 2011 Weddings

Guest List

Do you have a general amount of how many pp will be invited? Have you done a preliminary list?

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Re: Guest List

  • almost all of MY side of the family is OOT and we're not that close so I am guestimating at 25 people. FI on the other hand has a very close family. Again, most are OOT but he thinks they'll travel so we are guestimating at 50-75 for him. Our budget is only 7K and FI wants to have the big "party" reception, so our limit is 100 guests.
  • My FI's family is HUGE so just with his family alone we are inviting about 100 so our total guest list we're estimating to be around 250. His mom drafted up a list, my mom estimated our number, and we brainstormed a preliminary list of friends, but I'm sure it will change as it gets closer to the wedding!
  • My family is the larger of the two families, but they are OOT. His family is slightly smaller, but still big and all are in state, with most within an hour. Then of course add in the friends and family friends. We are looking at 175. We are HOPING to cap it at 175, but will make adjustments if we need to add more to the list. Thank goodness we have plenty of time to work all this out :)

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  • okay...hello first and foremost to everyone! I am new to this so please be patient (I catch on quick..lol)! now just so I am clear on this "new age-shorthand" OOT means Out Of Touch??? I'm just taking a guess at this since my "technology-savvy" daughters are at school!
  • OOT is "Out of Town"

    We've done a prelim list and come up with about 125, but we still debating on friends and dates. We'd like to limit it to 100...
  • He has a huge family, I keep planning for 200. There's really no way around it.

    I recommend using The Knot's guestlist tool- it's amazing!

  • I recommend Martha Stewart's online guest list tracker because not only can you add guests and then track who RSVP's, but you can also use it create an online seating chart. I'm sure that will be a big time saver in the last couple of months!
  • I am using weddingwire.com for my website and seating chart.

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  • Hi welcome I am new too! We have a # that our venue is based on whcih is 130  guest list is about 145 trying to keep it there we ahve a B list and my family is huge but my rule is if we havent spoke in 5 yrs no and no ring no bring as far as dates
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