I should have known better... vent

I'm pissed at David's Bridal. First, they didn't call me when my dress first came in, and I didn't know it was here until they called me saying they were going to charge me if I left it there any longer. Annoying, but ended up not being a big deal. Tonight I tried it on again with my jewelry and I noticed there's a 3 inch tan line on the front of the skirt. After I saw that, I looked at it really closely and found that the beading is starting to come off in one place. I've heard some bad things about their service, but I really didn't expect to have issues with the actual dress.

Re: I should have known better... vent

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    :( Call them and get it fixed. I'm sorry, that's a stressful situation.
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    Ugggh that sucks--definitely call ASAP!!!

    Tan line???
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    [QUOTE]Ugggh that sucks--definitely call ASAP!!! Tan line???
    Posted by kls114[/QUOTE]

    lol... guess I should have said light brown line.
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    Were you able to get ahold of them?  They need to fix the problem-
    It is too bad that they have gotten themselves such a bad reputation for their customer service.  That is such an easy thing to do correctly...
    Sorry- hope it works out!

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    I brought the dress to the store today and they were actually really nice about it and are ordering me another one. So the problem is solved... for now at least. 
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