Plus size wedding dresses

Hi everyone!
Where should I look for a nice selection of plus size dresses? 

Re: Plus size wedding dresses

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    There are always mixed reviews about David's Bridal--but give it a shot. When I went out with one of my BM's (who is plus size) when she got married-there was a great variety--and she was really happy with the selection!


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    Depending on the size you're looking for I had good luck at the Bridal Mall in Niantic. Also I was VERY impressed with Love Me Too Times in Taftville (Norwich). I was looking at 20W. I also had good luck for selection at David's Bridal in Manchester.

    The Bridal Mall and David's Bridal are brand new dresses. Love me too times is a consignment shop with gently used dresses. I saw dresses there that go for a couple thousand dollars being sold a fraction of the price. I was also pleased to see that they had more bodice styles and dresses with sleeves instead of mostly strapless. The dresses didn't look dated either.
    Hope this helps!

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    Bridal Bells in Berlin has some great selections, and a alterations team that can do just about anything.
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    Great! Thanks for the suggestions! Although I hope to do some shedding before the wedding (LOL) I'm sure that I'll still need one.
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    Not sure where you live, but there is a small boutique (wedding consignment shop) on main street in Glastonbury and I noticed that they have a long wall of plus-sized gowns, many of them were designer and discounted prices.  I didn't end up buying my gown there but the service is great and the woman who works there is so friendly!
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    I got my dress from Davids Bridal, a lot of the dresses can be ordered in the plus sizes also it may just cost $100 more. I got a plus size dress and I can tell you that they are just as pretty as the regular sizes, not matronly at all (depending on what you are looking for). Good luck! 
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