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Food and Cakes


My FI and I have decided to do cupcakes for our outdoor wedding next august. I want to put them on metal stands, my FI parents said that they like the idea of putting the cakes/cupcakes on the tables because it get conversation going at another wedding they went to. The only thing is that we are doing long banquet seating, and I'm afraid that the cupcakes will look funny, or they will take up to much space...the tables are 8ft and three will be lined up. If we did it i was thinking about putting 2 stands on each "table" so they would essentially be sitting on the cracks... what does everyone think? 

Re: Cupcakes

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    I was at a wedding where the cupcakes were the centerpieces, but the tables were round.  I think long tables lined up is not the ideal setting for puttting the cupcakes on the table - but it would work.
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    Yah, i was thinking that too... i think it would work better with round tables... it was just an option as opposed to putting them all on one table.
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    I don't think they'd look quite right on a long table.. and I'd be worried about setting them on the cracks (what would happen if someone bumped the table or it somehow got separated? There go your cupcakes...).

    I like putting them on one table better in your situation!

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    i actually think that would be really adorable on a long table, if you keep the cake stands small-ish and alternate them in a line of vases or candles.  i agree though, i wouldn't set them on the crack between tables jic they get bumped.

    we're doing cakes or cupcakes as centerpieces also.
  • cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    I agree with arrabelle. I think it would look great on a long table.
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    My fiance & I are doing cupcakes too, but I didn't even think about having them as part of the center piece. Thanks for the idea !! Laughing
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