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August 2011 Weddings

What does everyone have going for Favors

Ok so what are yall doing for your favors? I am trying to think of something to go with the summer theme, really creative and a lot of people have said go with the edibles because they won't get dusty like a set of coaters kinda thing. Our wedding is outdoors, and am trying to think of something creative like we are. Any ideas?
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Re: What does everyone have going for Favors

  • We're actually going the donation route instead.
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  • I guess it depends on the number of people you are having, and what your theme or decor is. Summer means fresh fruit, lovely flowers, beach, etc.

    From most of the posts I've read, people really like edibles. A candy bar with lots of different candies in your colors, with Chinese take out boxes or bags seems to be popular. You can get chocolate dipped strawberries and place a couple in a box at each place setting to supplement dessert.

    If your wedding is inside, something I've done for holiday parties is use small metal cookie cutters, pour melted chocolate into them on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper or waxed paper, sprinkle nonpareils onto the top. I put them into the freezer on cookie sheets to "set" then make more. I wrapped them in appropriately sized bags. That way they have an edible AND a cookie cutter.

    We are doing the "dusty coaster thing", but I'm giving each person 2 glass coasters (4 for a couple) with their monogram in the opening where the pics are usually placed. I know most people have coasters, but I wanted to provide something they'd use. I know my guests, and most will use these. I'm attaching their table numbers to the packages with thank you tags, so it serves more than one purpose.

    That's all my ideas. Good luck.

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    IM MAKING THESE WITH COLORFUL PAPER. AAHHH capslock. if i have extras fine. i can use them.

  • We're either doing nothing...or a candy bar. The last few weddings I went to, I can barely remember if there were favors, never mind what it was. The last 2 had- a chinese box with hersey kisses (FI and I left them in the car and they melted) and a CD with the couples favorite songs (we left this on the table).
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  • We are doing playing cards. My side of the family are big card people and since FI and I don't have any money we play cards (yay free!)
  • We're skipping favors. But I think that edible favors are the best way to go.

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  • I'm doing smore kits. My fiance and I love to camp out in the summer, so I thought it'd fit. I also might try to get an actual firepit outside at my venue. We shall see!
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  • Me and Fi have huge sweet tooths so we are doing the candy bar.  I love going to the candy store and picking out my own candy :)  plus we are having Tiffany Blue bags for them to put their candy in that say Jill and Todd 2011 instead of Tiffany and Company.  I think I am most excited about this part!

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    We are doing a candy bar, and these at every place setting... fi and i LOVE icecream.. and this is sooooo creative! 

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  • that is so creative with ice cream!!!!!!!!

    we haven't decided what we want yet...
  • I am doing chinese take out boxes with our favorite candies in them, gummy bears for me and hazelnut truffle for FI.
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    leaning towards little cellophane bags with hershey's hugs & kisses in them. Thinking of getting stickers with our monogram to stick on them (CHEAP through Vistaprint) and tying the tops of the bags with our wedding colors. I figure this is definitely simple and it seems like the edible favors are the most popular with guests.
  • I am going the edible route as well.  My wedding is a NY theme, so we will be wrapping candy red apples in cellophane with a note that says "thanks for coming to our big apple wedding." 
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  • I collect shot glasses, so we are doing shot glasses full of either m&ms or jelly bellys in our colors. I found really cute clear shot glasses that have colored bottoms for like fifty cents each online. I figured it's something people might actually take home and use later. 
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  • in addition to a traditional wedding cake, we are having a cupcake tower! as guests are seated to the sit down dinner during the reception, each place setting will have a white box with a note telling them to take home a sweet treat from the tower Smile I think that edibles are definitely the way to go. We are DIYing the boxes-buying white cardboard foldable boxes at Hobby Lobby, tying coral satin ribbon around the sides and attaching a gold sticker that will have my FI's and my names with our wedding date. It's one of the things I'm most excited about!

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  • We are pretty sure we are doing a candy buffet. I am not sure if we are going to do all the candy in our colors, green and purple. We will see how it goes. I think we are going to do celephane bags and have purple and green ribbons to tie the bags shut.

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  • We are having a wine theme, sorta. We are having a wine tasting during the social hour, so we decided to have blown glass wine stoppers as favors, along with homemade cookies (which is a family tradition)
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  • I am getting married outdoors next August as well. We are going to make homemade pepper jelly this winter and use 3-4 oz. canning jars to put he pepper jelly in. There are tons of cute sayins you can tag onto the jar such as "spread the love", "spread the joy", etc. We are also adding a tag that says "spread over cream cheese and serve with crackers", along with our names and date.

    I've seen tons of women do this with homemade jelly or apple butter as well.

    Hope this helps!

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