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Bridesmaids dresses

I'm letting my girls pick from 13 dresses I picked out.  Some are short, some are long.  Do you think that will look bad on pictures?  Should I have them all be the same length?
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Re: Bridesmaids dresses

  • It won't look bad, don't worry about it. I'm sure the girls will really appreciate being able to choose.

  • I think as long as they're the same color, it will look good. I'm letting my bridesmaids do that too!  It's nice to let them pick out from a selection of dresses you know you already like. That way both of you will like the dresses she has to wear.
  • I don't think it would look bad in pictures. Try Googling "bridesmaid dresses different length" or just "different bridesmaids dresses". Lots of images come up of simply smashing weddings with many different styles of dresses.
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    I've seen a picture of this...of course I can't remember where now. There were 5 girls and 2 had shorter dresses. I'm not sure if they were the MOHs or not but it didn't look l ike it. I don't mind different dresses but the different lengths looked a little strange to me. I'm more traditional and like same lengths but that's just me.
  • My sister ended up with a nice balance: three of us picked short dresses, two picked long, so with her long dress, it still had a good visual balance.  For my wedding, I didn't dictate a length, so everyone chose short dresses except the same sister, who chose long.  However, I had her as the last girl in line next to my brother in his suit, so her long dress sort of blends with his and it looks fine in the pictures.
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  • It's a matter of personal preference.

    I don't think that a mix of skirt lengths looks awful, but I.m not a fan of it. But it's not like I'd be saying, "Ewww, how ugly!" at someone else's wedding. It's more like, I wouldn't pick pink BM dresses but I don't think it's bad if other people have their BMs in pink.

    If you already told them that they're free to pick any skirt length they want, then I wouldn't change that promise now. It'll be fine, don't worry about it. The photos will look best if everyone is clearly happy and comfortable with what she's wearing.

  • I think your BMs will appreciate you giving them the option! They will feel included in your wedding planning!
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