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DB alterations pricing

Have any of you used DB for bridesmaid dress alterations? If so, was their pricing reasonable? My MOH claims that they charge 45 dollars per alteration but that seems really high to me.
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Re: DB alterations pricing

  • I didn't go through DB, but based on my lurking on the A&A board, DB way over charges for alterations. Take your dress to a recommeneded seamstress in your town, or one you know of with a good reputation.
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    When I was a BM in my friend's wedding a few years back, I had to pay 90 bucks for alterations for my dress. Granted I had lost some weight(I had just had a baby and lost the baby weight) but I wasn't expecting to pay that much.
  • I think that they are way over priced. When I was a bridesmaid a while ago, 2 of the girls got charged over $100 for a hem and the top to be taken in a tiny pinch. I took my dress to an independent and it cosy about $60 for a hem, about 2 inches taken in on the top and cups.
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  • I'm not sure of their exact pricing because I haven't had my fittings yet, but I am doing it at DB.  THe reason I am getting it done there (besides that I got my dress there) is that if something happens during the alterations, they are responsible for replacing the dress (if you purchased it from them).  If you bring it to a separate seamstress and something happens, you have to take care of it yourself.  I honestly thought the bustle price that they quoted me was very cheap! 
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    If i remember correctly from the price list they gave me, a hem alteration STARTS at $75.  That seems really expensive.  I would suggest going somewhere else.
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    I called for my MOH and the lady said that it runs between 120 and 150 dollars for hemming. I think that's ridiculous and told my MOH that she should shop around for a better price. Even 100 dollars for the amount of alterations that she would need would be outrageous.
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  • I bought my dress at a small bridal shop.  They quoted me a price for taking in the dress at the hips and bust, shorten the dress and bustle it all for $175.  Not sure how that compares to Davids Bridal?

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  • The shop I bought mine at said put $200 away and be pleasantly surprised with the actual cost of the alterations. I only need hemming and cups, at least since I last had the dress on in March

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  • The alterations begin at $35; I have been a bridesmaid several times and everytime I have gotten my dress altered there because if anything happened to the dress they had to replace it or fix it. It really depends on how complex the dress is to alter, if it has a specific design, then it can cost more to alter. I'm getting mine done at David's Bridal for the same reason stated above about my prior dresses that I got altered there. I also have to ship my dress right after the alterations are over and it's $15 to do it with David's Bridal and its insured as well all for $15.
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  • Anyone know how much wedding dress alterations are at DB? I just scheduled mine today (for end of July), and the consultant I was working with was a complete moron. I think she was new or something, but she didn't seem to have a clue about anything.

    My dress will likely need hemming, a bustle, and taken in slightly at the bodice. If I lived in the same state as my bridesmaid who is a seamstress, I'd totally have her do it (and still pay her, of course).

    I think it's really ridiculous to have $200 worth of alterations on a $600 dress...
  • DO NOT USE DB!! They will quote you a price, and then completely rip you off, and disregard the quote. Do your research and find a local seamstress who doesn't have a large franchise name tied to her business. You'll be much better off!
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