LINEN CO'OP anyone???

I am trying to get some ladies together to start a linen co'op. I am purchasing 15 round 120" black poly table clothes and 3 rectangle clothes. I am looking for someone to go in half and half with me. Example: I buy 7 you buy 7. Then on your wedding day I let you barrow mine and you let me barrow yours on my wedding day and we sell them when we are done or let another bride use them for free or super cheap like 2 bucks a linen. 

Let me know!! 

Ps: My colors are Black and Purple so I can do any color if you are interested

Re: LINEN CO'OP anyone???

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    This is a great idea. I am wanting to rent silver luxury linens. They are about $40 each. I would love to find someone that would be willing to share them with me.
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    I'm in for regular white linens. I'll probably need 14-16.
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    Ok so what kind of silver are you thinking? Do you have a photo or a site you where looking on?? Are you doing toppers or just silver. I am needing black but I am always open. 
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    Same with the white cu97tiger :)
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