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How much do you talk about your wedding?

I've only been engaged for about 6 weeks so this is all new and fun ... but on the other hand, I don't want to drive everyone crazy talking about the wedding! Just wondering if you all have certain friends that you share details with or how you handle it. It's been interesting how one friend who lives in another state is super interested in the details while other people just ask about the highpoints!

To that end, I'm going to Hobby Lobby and Flower Factory, alone, today. No need to involve anyone else in my crazy for the day. :)

Re: How much do you talk about your wedding?

  • I've been engaged for 2 months now so I'm still on a high from it as well. I talk to my parents a lot because they are helping with planning (I live in a different state). My cousin/bridesmaid got married in October so she's excited to help plan but with no pressure like her own wedding! 
  • I try not to talk about it with anyone except for FI, my parents and grandmother.  I have a friend who is in the wedding that I can vent to but I try not to do it so much with her since she said we should just elope and save money the last time something happened lol.
  • I have a good friend and we talk about the wedding all the time. My friend is more excited than I am lol. I try not to talk about it all the time to my FI, he has a Im just going to be there that day so you handle all the planning lol. He did bring up the fact that we should have an engagement party and  I was shocked lol, but we had one on March26. I stay on the wedding websites and watching the wedding shows. 
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  • I really try not to. Maybe I did more for the first month as we were booking vendors and getting decorating ideas. (You have to book very early in my area.) After that, it was minimal. People will ask and I answer their questions but I don't volunteer much info or dominate the conversation with wedding talk. Even with my MOH--I'm sure there are more more important or interesting things for us to talk about.
  • I've been engaged for about 4 months now and haven't talked too much about it. Especially since I'm graduating in a week so finals, projects and such have taken up most of my time. About a week ago my dad started getting on my case to look for venues and since wednesday that's all I've talked about. My family, FI, and MOH are all really excited about planning so for now I talk to them. I think we'll be getting a planner so I'll bug them next. It's too exciting and  hard to not talk about it for now.
  • I'm not a big talker about it either.  I mean people ask but I'm still working on the vision in my head so for now I want to keep the details close to my heart.  I occassionally bring up something to FI and he is interested.  His mom is super excited but mine is a little more uninterested at the moment.  But that could be because I'm not letting anyone take it over either. At least that is the typical case in my family of how things have gone in the past. 
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    My FI is not really interested in the details, just the highlights (and reviewing the contracts, as he's a law student).  My Mom is my planning buddy, and she's way more gung-ho than even me!  I try not to talk about it too much with friends, but it does end up being chatted about a bit.



  • Not much, just if people ask. We are starting on building our house at the end of this summer so FI and I talk more about house plans than wedding stuff right now.
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  • I'm very much into the mindset of 'if you ask, I'll talk about it. But if you don't ask, I'm not gonna talk about it'. I have a couple friends that all they do is talk about their weddings. I'm not letting this day consume me and it will not be all that I talk about. But if someone asks me about it, I'll answer them.
  • We have about a year and a half before we say "I Do" so we mostly keep the planning to ourselves right now.  FI is more or less along for the ride and I just ask his opinion about things.  I talk to my mom about things a lot and we have both been buying things at Hobby Lobby as we see things on sale or that we think we could use.  I occasionally ask for his mom's opinion and I have asked his family that if they see things that I could use to get them (I want empty wine bottles to go with my rustic decor).

    I really don't talk about it much with anyone except them.  Or when I vent to my cousin who got married 2 years ago.  My cousin is a perfectionist and so I know when I freak out over something stupid she gets it.  Like yesterday when I found out that if I want to book a certain venue I will have to change my date to a month earlier, which then may not coordinate with all the decor/theme I was planning.

    If someone asks me about things I'll talk about it but otherwise I keep it to myself.  I know how annoyed people can get when bridezillas talk too much about their wedding that I'm not invited to.
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