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Bach. Party timing

My sister is throwing me a bachelorette party. She wants my input on what to do since I do not like bars. My dad has a lake home and I would like to have it there. If its nice, we can be outside and grill and have a bonfire. If its not nice, there's plenty of room inside to have games and just hang out. My dilemma is that if we do it out there I would want it in August because its more likely it will be nice out, but my wedding isnt until December. Is August too soon for a Bachelorette party for a December wedding?

Re: Bach. Party timing

  • I don't think it's too soon but talk to your sister about the timeline she was considering. Make sure only having a month and a half for her to get things together is enough time. Since she asked for input, I think it's fine to suggest the lake house (as long as your dad has already OK'd that) and suggest to her that you would like Aug. if possible. If that doesn't work, would it still be nice in mid-late Sept?

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  • All of the b-parties I've ever been to have been no more than 1 month before the wedding.  I do think August is too soon.
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