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song for walking down the aisle

Need help.....I am really bad with music...don't know names of songs or who sings what.  I am looking for a song for the walk down the aisle with my dad at my ceremony.  We are having an evening wedding..very intimate setting.  Planning to have an acoustic guitar player during the ceremony.  Looking for a stand out kinda capture the moment.  Any suggestions???

Re: song for walking down the aisle

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    Well my fiance and I were talking tonight and he mentioned I loved her first by Heartland. I listened to it,having in mind my dad walking me down the isle and cried like a thats the song I'm walking down to.
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    That's what my DD used for her father/daughter dance.  And it's lovely.   But I'm not sure I'd use it for a processional.  Somehow that doesn't feel as right to me as the dance.

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    If you're looking for some orchestrated type music, I discovered The O'Neill Brothers when searching iTunes for processional and recessional music and they have some really nice "walk down the aisle" kind of music. Look them up and sample their music on amazon or the itunes store.  They were my top choice
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    We're using Little Martha by the Allman Brothers for the WP processional.  It's a really beautiful acoustic guitar piece.  I'm walking down the aisle to I Want You by Tom Waits, which is also a nice acoustic piece.

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    Thank you for all the recommendations!

    We are having an acoustic guitar.  I can't find the Tom Waits song on iTunes.  
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    I'm planning on using the instrumental version of Viva La Vida by Coldplay. I know the words are kind of wrong, but I really love the violin and it's kind of upbeat.
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    I'm walking in to the Italian song Con te Partiro. It translates into something along the lines of leaving your current life to start a new one (you should look up the translation of it, some people say it's meant to be sad but it's not at all) His side is Italian too so we thought that would be a good way to honor that part of the family (we are also playing Edelweis to honor my side)
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    I'm doing Jack Johnson's Better Together
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