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Ok all...I need your help and suggestions.  I am planning to wed on Oahu January 2013.  While I have scoured the internet looking for places and packages I'm lost.   Please send any advice my way.  We are looking to do this as inexpensive as possible.  Call me crazy but we are looking to do it for around 3,000.  Is that possible or am I just crazy.  We will not be having a reception but only a ceremony.  No bridesmaids/groomsmen, and our count should be no more than 40 people.  Please send information or suggestions my way.  Thanks for your help. 

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  • First off congrats!

    I am getting married in Oahu in October with that budget also!

    Check out http://lovehawaii.com/ they have very inexpensive packages. There are also very cheap hotels that you can stay at. You get what you pay for but if your only using it to sleep and shower then it would be fine. The cheapest ones I found were about 300-500 a week. If you fly in/out on a tuesday/wednesday it will be less expensive. You can still have a weekend wedding that way but also save some money!
  • I think it's possible. Kahu Bruce was our officiant, i highly recommend him. I have vendor info in my bio below. Your flights might take up a big chunk of that budget. Check vrbo.com and flipkey.com for affordable condos, some have free parking. Hotels can charge like $20/night to park.
  • Welcome to the board. I think that is a reasonable budget. We went with Suzane Ventura from Aloha from Hawaii Weddings http://www.alohafromhawaiiweddings.com/packages.html she was great to work with and has very reasonable prices. Check my bio for other vendors and PM me your email and I will send you a complete budget breakdown. HTH
  • Thanks all for the suggestions.  I appreciate all of your input.  Keep it coming if anyone can suggest anything else. 

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    We're at the Outrigger Reef hotel, and I believe they had a wedding ceremony package for under $2000.  It includes a bouquet, musician, photographer, officiant.  We're doing the reception there too, so I'm not sure about pricing for ceremony only, but it's listed on their website

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    I'm using Rev Rosemary Hill from myhawaiiwedding.com. She is wonderful to work with and has many different packages. She doesn't do hotel bookings though. I agree with the flights taking up a chunk of the money. Our flight is $1500. Good luck!
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  • Congrats  on the upcoming wedding! 

    I am using Captn. Howie from Above Heaven's Gate http://www.hawaiiweddings.com/ and they are pretty reasonable, like a previous poster said the flight will take up most of the $$.  I like the ecentric style of Capt. Howie and the location couldn't be more gorgeous!  Hope it helps and enjoy your planning!

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  • Thanks again everyone.  I forgot to mention before..My FI and I are fortunate as we are airline employees so the budget for the wedding will be for the wedding, and we will not have to include in airfare.  Has anyone out there tried Hawaiian Eye Weddings? 
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