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September 2010 Weddings

Catholic Wedding - Prayer of the Faithful

Is anyone adding anything to their prayer of the faithful to remember parents / grandparents that have passed away.  I can't come up with any wording that I like!!!
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Re: Catholic Wedding - Prayer of the Faithful

  • i'm not catholic, by my officiant is saying something like the bride and groom wish to honor those who helped get them to this special place in their lives but that could not be here today...and then will say their names.
  • this is what our priest gave to us and so we are just using this 1. For the Church, may it always be a beacon of hope in the world as it seeks to spread Christ’s Gospel of love and peace. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord 2. For all civil leaders, that they may be effective in achieving peace and justice in our communities and in our world. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord 3. For ____ and ____, now beginning their life together, that they may have divine assistance at every moment, the constant support of family and friends and good heath until a ripe old age. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord 4. For all married couples, that they may continue to give, be able to forgive, and find happiness deepen with the passing of every day. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord 5. For those who do not know Christ, that the light of the Holy Spirit may show them the way to salvation. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord 6. For those who have died, especially the relatives and friends of ___ and ____ and of all present. May they may enjoy perfect happiness and total fulfillment in eternal life. (Pause) Let us pray to the Lord.
  • We are adding in the names during the Intercessions. 
  • Thanks for sharing mwohlfert!! This was something that I was trying to get organized too. Our priest told us that we could pretty much add as many extra prayers as we wanted! And could make them up ourselves....
    I think we are just going to stick with the traditional ones though. And add one for deceased grandparents/friends.
    Thanks for sharing your wording!
  • Our church makes us write our own!  I'm having the FI write them because he is more religious than I am and also a LOT better writer!  My FSIL was just married in May and I was the reader for these.  This is what she wrote:

    For TJ and Alicia, and all married couples, for their faithfulness to each other and for their loving service to the Gospel.

    For those who have served or are currently serving our country in the armed forces, may God keep a constant watch over them.

    For those struggling with hard times and who are sacrificing to provide for their families, may God guide them to the life they deserve.

    For the families and friends of TJ and Alicia gathered here today and for our support of one another in times of need.

    For the deceased relatives of TJ and Alicia, for the sick, and for those unable to be with us today.

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