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Rhode Island

Rants/Raves Luke's DJ Service?

I am seriously considering using Luke's for my August 2011 wedding.  Did anyone else use them or meet with them?  What was your experience with them like?

Re: Rants/Raves Luke's DJ Service?

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    We met with Luke (Sr.) and he was very nice, personable and organized.  We felt very at ease with him and he really knows his stuff.  It came down to pricing and we had to pass.  You pay for quality, but with the state of the economy, vendors are (and should be) a lot more flexible than they would have been a few years ago.  Unfortunately, Luke couldn't fit our budget.  We found a DJ we liked equally who's charging us literally half of what Luke wanted. 
    Hope that helps!!
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    I am using Luke's for our September wedding. We are working with Luke Jr. and he is just awesome!! He is more pricey than other vendors, but I consider it well worth it as my fiance and I firmly believe that the DJ makes the whole wedding! He is so accomodating and willing to listen, and our wedding coordinator has seen him do tons of weddings and she said he is great!
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    Luke Jr. has worked many events at my workplace and always gets a crowd going, but I e-mailed and they never responded but I wasn't concerned because we had heard back from four others and I was happy with the choices I had and since had heard they are a little more expensive (which surprised me because we have no money where I work!) Months later, they e-mailed me back and asked if I was going with them and I had never gotten a quote from them and had long booked another DJ. Then I was on their mailing list for a while for a bridal show he was co-hosting. Like I said they have always done a good job at the work events but I haven't seen them at a wedding yet.
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    KB- They contacted me the same day I sent the inquiry in through their website... I wonder what happened.
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