Computer savvy ladies

I like to think of myself as computer savvy but I just can't figure this one out...sad part is I used to know how to do it! ugh

I have my whole guest list and address typed out into excel. How do I finish the mail merge. It says my list are connected but for some reason they are not showing up with the merger!

Re: Computer savvy ladies

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    You may have to open it into a new document to see the merge.  It gives you two options for printing, straight from the merge (and trust that its right) or you can dump it into a document to see/edit it.
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    I'm bored.  If you feel like emailing it to me, I can see if I can merge it for you.  Just let me know what labels you're using.
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    I wanted to just print on the actual envelope, and I'm not sure of the size. blah
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    Knowing the size of the envelope/label is step #1  LOL
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    haha I know. I am waiting for the invites to come in. I have been trying to play with it so I knew what to do once I had them I would be ready to go.
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