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August 2010 Weddings

Checks - - Nothing left to do? Also Show me your Must Takes

I have gotten so many checks done I'm not sure there is anything left to do! (Let me know if you can think of anything!)

Friday I made a list of necessary pictures to take (diff groups of family). This way the photographer can literally call out names and there's no question or confusion on who is in certain pictures and who's not.

Saturday I had my hair trial. She was awesome and totally willing to work with me and even took everything out and redid a couple times to get something I was happy with. No pics though because the end result wasn't "finished" but I know what it will look like so it's okay =)

As soon as I got home I sent my invites! Yay can't wait for RSVP's now!

Yesterday I went with my mommy to the mall and found jeweled hair pins to go with the style we chose, as well as undies for wedding day.

I think I'm pretty much done!? What else is there to do? I went through TK checklist and tidied it up a bit but I don't think there's much else for me to do!

I started looking for Must Take Photos. Share yours?

Re: Checks - - Nothing left to do? Also Show me your Must Takes

  • ooh i love the one of bride in the doorway! i don't think i have double doors at my venue though :( we'll have to figure something out!
  • I love that picture too! The best part is it is someone I actually know :) We are having our reception at the same venue as she did last summer.
  • oh that's awesome! looking through other people's bios I just found this one:

    I think I may be able to do a combo of your door one with a window instead :)
    and I am terrible at remembering/keeping track of where I get stuff so if it's yours please tell me!

  • Since I just personalized our runner I'm adding a must take photo of the photographer standing back behind the personalized part with a long shot of us at the alter so you can see us and the personalization in the pic
  • I have some must takes in my bio too!!

    Expecting baby #1: May 17, 2013

  • I love this picture!

    Doggie Dash July 11'- 5k 39:52
    Valentines Fanconi Anemia February 12 2012- 5k: 35:35 PR!!!
    Shamrock run March 17 2012- 5k: 36:57
    Earth Day Run April 21st- 5 Miles: 58:22 Automatic PR
    Starlight Run 5k June 2nd-
    Doggie Dash July 21 2012- 8k
    The Foam Race July 28th 2012- 5k obstacle course
    The Best Dam Run Sept. 22- 10k
  • I am not doing a list of must take photos because I want my photog to be creative. She's the pro, not me. I can't believe you don't have anything on your to do list right now! I"m so jealous!
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  • thanks Kym, I did look through your bio. I added a bunch to my bio too :)

    erin - that pic is really pretty! and I love that she's got wine in hand! haha reminds me of moshi =P
  • I don't have a list of 'must-takes' because our photographers are very creative and I just want them to do what they want.
    I should work on the short family photo list though, thanks for the reminder.  :)

  • rktorkto member
    I feel like I have more left to do than I have actually done.
    we still have to finish the invites.. we are sending them June 15th (I feel like that is sooo late.. but too bad.  I wil deal with it, because I cant change it)
    and a few more million things to do. They wont take long.  I am only working 4 days a week for June.
    go for tuxes.  finish the favours (mostly my Mom is on that)
    cake tasting (already know where we are getting it, just have to pick the flavour), meet with the officiant,
    order the wedding bands ( I already ordered one but I want to change it)
    figure out the music, and the must take photos (and the location for the photos)
    flower girl dresses, make up trial (already booked the girl, just need to do the trial)
    and that is about it.  oh yeah - and programs.
  • I've got some must takes in my bio under photography.
  • i have a million things to do... assemble invites, mail out invites, finalize everything w/ venue and vendors (they all wait until a month out to finalize so i'm just sitting here with all my ideas in a word document), hair and make up trial, dress fitting, and i'm still on the hunt for cute white flip flops to wear at the reception. here are some of my must take photos. the first one is just for the look of the color splash because thats pretty much how my bouquet will look

  • In Response to Re: Checks - - Nothing left to do? Also Show me your Must Takes:
    [QUOTE]I love this picture!
    Posted by erincassidy06[/QUOTE]
    this is now a must-take of mine.  niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
    the one big "must-take" that we have is something my parents did at their wedding.  we're going to have the photographer take a picture of every person together in a group that day (all 100ish of us!). 
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  • I have listed all of my photos to take by names of individuals so I don't think they would be  much help to you. :)
    Anyways, if you are having a DJ you may want to compile a list of 'please do not play' for the reception based on your guests.
    I still haven't gotten around to buying much of my undergarments for the wedding... I need to find some Spanx still just in case!
    You may want to start compiling a box of things to have with you the day of in case of 'emergencies'.
    Also, I know my FMIL was already asking for an itinerary (mostly because I'm travelling) so you may want to share those with people sometime in the next few weeks to make sure you didn't forget anything and people know what they are supposed to be doing for you the day of!
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