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So, I just found out this morning that it looks like I get to have an intern this summer.  Never had one before.  Need to come up with ideas for (a) project(s) for them (could be fun).  But my fear is now that I will be on maternity leave during the interview process (likely gone mid-March to end of April - intern would start late May) and might not get to help pick the person that will be working for me. 

Otherwise, just getting ready for our first snow of the season.  That and continuing to procrastate on Christmas shopping (which I still haven't started doing.....).
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Re: Tuesday

  • Wow you haven't started shopping? that would seriously stress me out! i admire people who can wing it that way, though. it really doesn't matter when you shop, it always turns out great! and it's not like people know anyhow. good for you.
    nice to have an intern. Liam has one too, but he doesn't get to pick, which is kind of a pain. I'm sure you'll end up with some good people though.
    Seems like everyone I work with has sort of written off the rest of the work year. Yesterday there was a big benefits meeting and today is the secret santa lunch. it's times like these that make working from home harder -- if no one is getting work done there, what am i going to do? oh well, it happens i guess. i have a couple small things to work on for right now.
    i made the most delish mac and cheese ever last night AND it was a "skinny" recipe! you would not know it at all.
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  • I must have started my thread right when K posted hers! Oh well :)
    My post is in the Totally Tuesday thread. :)

    K- bummer about not getting to interview your person. Hope it works out to where you have some input on who gets hired on to help you!

    Lisa- I have pretty much gone into dormant mode in my regular job. Most people I deal with are out until next year so my work load has dropped off significantly. A much needed mind rest so I can deal with crabby patty's that come into the mall and treat me like their personal assistant and scowl at me without a kind word of thanks.
    That mac and cheese sounds delish and the added ham sounds doubly awesome!

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  • Hey Ashley! we are supposed to get snow here on Friday -- I'm glad that is the day we are leaving for the holidays! We will be heading to eastern PA, which is not expecting snow. as much as I think snow is pretty, it can really mess up plans, so I'm hoping we get out of town before any of it gets here.
    I know the whole checking out of work thing is common, but it's hard when I'm sitting at home. I mean, I can't very well just chat up some coworkers, and then if i'm not productive i feel guilty for getting paid to do nothing. i should probably just relax and enjoy it!
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  • We had our holiday luncheon yesterday afternoon, and it was nice to mingle for a bit and snack on yummy treats. Today, is a rainy day and seems like we will be getting more rain later in the week. I have some projects to wrap up by the end of the week, but otherwise it's pretty quiet at work. Wish I was on vacation already!

    K- Yikes, are you doing gift cards or going to have to go to stores? Yippee for an intern, and hopefully you are able to take part in the interview process.
    Ash- Glad to hear work wasn't too bad last night. Enjoy your free evenings tonight and tomorrow, and hopefully that's all your back needs (some rest). GL with the weather and commute to the wedding this weekend.
    Lisa- I'm assuming alot of us already have vacation brain:). Hang in there, it's just a few more days. Yum....I love mac n cheese. Please share your recipe.
  • We have holiday lunches at work today and Thursday (the guys on the plant floor work shifts - one group is Mon-Tues, the other Wed-Thurs, and then they rotate Fri-Sun - we are 24/7) so the admin folks get 2 lunches!  ;)

    Safe travesl L!  Glad the day job is easier on you now, Ash.  I can't believe all the rain LA is getting C!

    And yes, a good chunk of my shopping is gift cards.  And the # of people isn't too bad (10 plus 2 dogs).  And I have a list.  Should be able to knock it all out Friday morning.
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  • Lisa- Oops, just noticed you already posted the recipe. Thanks that looks delish!
    K- Yay for to holiday lunches! Sounds like you have a plan, GL on Friday!
  • Lisa- I want that Mac and Cheese so bad! I still don't think P can handle it though it has two cups of cheese and milk in it. I try to stick to recipes with one or two types of dairy that only add up to a cup combined. He can eat greek yogurt so that is the only dairy that doesn't count.

    K- sweet two lunches at your work! That is nice to have that! No work parties here unless we want to pay for it ourselves and go on non-work hours. Boo

    Chrissy- rain sucks especially when LA is supposed to be dry and sunny pretty much all year! Glad to hear your work is slow too!
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  • Ash- Boo, I don't like your employer. Lots of work, not enough time off, and no holiday parties!
  • We are very lucky here - besides the lunches here at work, there is a kids Christmas party with Santa and an employee holiday party held off site in January.  We have at least one big employee cookout in the summer and a big family summer picnic, too.  Nice to work for a family owned company!
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